1 Million Huawei Users Already Have ArkOS Installed

by Adeel Younas
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We all are very well aware of the situation of Chinese smartphone manufacturer, in fact, the world’s second large phone manufacturer Huawei. These few months are pretty tough for Huawei, and the good news is after the ban their Operating System just started to roll out. The ban is imposed by Donald Trump’s government, which affected the overall company and its link to US-based organizations. Right after the ban, Huawei announced that their OS is under testing phase because they were ready for the situations.

The tests for ArkOS and HongmengOS (for China) which is going to the next operating system for millions of Huawei smartphones in the future are being conducted. There have been advancements in development and software is not being rolled out to devices, and already 1 million devices have this software installed. China Daily reports it with data obtained from Rosenblatt Securities Consultancy.

Huawei Has Already Shipped 1 Million Smartphones With Its ArkOS

Earlier, Huawei’s official announced ArkOS is under development since 2012 because they wanted to be ready for any situation that might come.

A significant aspect of ArkOS is, it will not be available for smartphones but also Televisions, Tablets, Cars, and Laptops. In short, Huawei is developing an all-in-one operating system for its devices.

The AppGallery of Huawei

Another, a significant part of Huawei phones is not having Play Store; instead, they will feature AppGallery. AppGallery is Huawei’s app store already available on Huawei device, but it was not being used because of Play Store’s availability.

Further adding to the story, it is worth mentioning, according to XDA-Developers, Huawei is contacting developers to add more apps on the App Gallery to increase its inventory.

So, this is all about Huawei’s ArkOS installations and App Gallery for the time being. Do share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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