15 Best Movie Streaming Sites To Watch Movies For Free 2019

by Adeel Younas
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These days the internet is taking over everything, and there is no exception for Movies. Peoples prefer to watch and stream movies over the internet. Streaming movies have eliminated the need for downloading videos. Peoples can enjoy the streaming services to watch seasons and films directly on their smartphones, laptops and smart TVs. You are on this page that means you are looking for websites to watch and stream movies online in 2019.

Best Movie Streaming Sites To Watch Movies For Free 2018

There are a lot of movie streaming sites that provide full-length movies on the go. In this post, I’ll be covering the top sites to watch movies online. Let’s start the list with number one online movie streaming sites.


I know you’re are already aware of worlds 2nd most visited websites. Thousands if not million of videos are uploaded on a daily basis on YouTube. There are many publishers that provide the full-length movie on their YouTube channel for their subscribers.


Netflix is top rated website when it comes to watching movies and seasons online. However, Netflix is a premium service provide that charge on a monthly basis send they are offering several subscription packages.


Fmovies is a relatively new website from where you can watch free movies. Fmovies is by har the best free movie streaming sites of 2018 which doesn’t show any pop-up or any ads.

Sony Crackle

On the site, you can find both old and new movies to watch. The great thing about Sony Crackle is its interface which is beyond amazing. However, all of the movies shared in Sony Crackle are legal and comes with proper licensing. So, it’s another best movie streaming sites which you can visit to watch your favorite movies.


Viewester is widely popular for its anime video contents. The great thing about Viewster is that it also houses lots of TV Shows from all across the world. Well, the platform is focused on Anime content, but you can also find some interesting movies and shows which are offered for free. The interface of Viewster is also amazing, and it has an app for iOS and Android too.

Movies Prime

Well, if you love to watch Hollywood movies, then you need to visit Movies Prime. The site doesn’t require you to Sign up or register to watch videos, and you can find movies of different categories. On Movies Prime, you can find movies of different genres like action, comedy, sci-fi, animated, drama, etc. So, its one among the best movie streaming sites 2018.


Talking about TVMoviesNow, the site has a massive collection of videos which you can stream online. For instance, you can watch movies for genres like Comedy, Romance, Thriller, Sci-Fi, etc. The interface of TMoviesNow is very clean, and it is fully responsive.


123Movies, you can find and watch most recent movies, and the best thing is that users don’t need to register to watch the movies. You can find videos of different categories like Adventure, Sci-Fi, Drama, History, Sport, etc. on 123Movies.
So, these are some of the best movie streaming sites free 2018 which you can visit today. If we have missed any popular website to watch free movies online for free full movies, then make sure to drop the site in the comment box below. So, what do you think about this? Share your views in the comment box.

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