16-inch MacBook Pro has a better keyboard, audio, more battery life

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Apple renovated MacBook Pro following the 15-inch moving forward to a 16-inch variant, which is permanently replacing the 15-inch model. Its screen, contents, and most important its keyboard, everything is better in this.

MacBook Pro 16-inch with a better keyboard, audio, more battery life introduced

Apple MacBook has a display of 16 inch which supports the resolution of  3072 by 1920. It has the colour of P3 gamut, which gives  Apple’s True Tone. It doesn’t support HDR but can get up to 500 nits by providing a brighter display. The display has a higher density of 226 PPI, and an overall 15-inch MacBook body size can manage by Apple. It makes the body thick and somehow heavy.

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The most expecting feature is its Keyboard. The tried-and-tested scissor-switch mechanism has now modified the Apple, and thus many people appreciate this model.

When the new “Magic Keyboard”  compared to the 2015 MacBook Pro, then it shows some similarities. The keys of these keyboards are slightly smaller, and that is why to have spaces between them. It can quickly repair and can not need to change the whole part.

Touchbar key also present in it and now have Esc and some arrow keys upward in T alignment. Apple has Intel CPU 6-core and 8-core, which can back up by RAM 6 and 64 GB of DDR4. You have to pay $6,000, and by this, you can increase it 512 GB and can go up to 8TB.

With all these responsibilities, Apple has needed some cooling effect to push overheat. The new thermal system also presents, and with these many design touches, which improve its overall impact and dissipate the heat.

When we compare it with some other previous models, then it has an additional 12 watts thermal system. The battery has 100 Wh and the ability to stand up web browsing up to 11 hours. Six speakers system also present in it.

It is available on an online Apple store. Its price is somehow high, but you did not find an 8-core processor, 8TB of SSD storage, and 64 GB of RAM like this.

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