3 Methods to Get Directions From One Place to Another

How to Get Directions From One Place to Another

In this busy world, many of us are unaware of most of the locations either nearby or far away. So sometimes we don’t know the directions to someplace when we are called upon. But with the revolution in technology, finding ways has been simplified. You have to enter the start location and destination; you will be shown the best route for your journey. Multiple platforms allow you to set the highest precise routes such as GPS, Mapquest, Yahoo Local Maps and Google Maps.

3 Ways to Get Directions From One Place to Another

If you have got GPS, it will notify you to turn by turn directions until you reach your destination.

Using Google Maps

Most of the people are already well aware of the functionality of Google Maps. Google Maps comes with the Web, Android and iOS versions. You can get the best possible route for your destination in no time. If you are new to Google Maps, follow the procedure:

  1. Open the Google Map website or application.
  2. You can see the directions button adjacent to the search bar on the top left corner. For application user, you will see the ‘Go’ button on your main screen. Click on that.How to Get Directions From One Place to Another
  3. It will ask you the starting point and destination. Enter that and submit.

You will be shown multiple directions and only the shortest route will be highlighted. You can toggle between all the available routes.

Using MapQuest

MapQuest is a free online mapping service. It provides some extent of street-level detail or driving directions for several countries. Users can check if their country is available by tapping on a dropdown menu on the MapQuest home page. MapQuest also offers free mobile and iOS application. To use MapQuest, you need to:

  1. Go to MapQuest official site or open your MapQuest application from your mobile.
  2. Click on Get Direction icon adjacent to the search bar.
  3. Now enter both locations from where you want to start and where you want to end.
  4. After adding locations click ‘Get Direction’ button.

You will be displayed your best route along with the total distance and travel time.

Using Yahoo Local Maps

Yahoo Map was a free online mapping portal provided by Yahoo, itself. It shut down in 2015. But users can still use yahoo map facility by visiting this link. Once you are navigated to Yahoo maps, you can get directions for your desired location.

  1. On the top left corner of the map, you will see the ‘Directions’ button. Click on that.
  2. Now it will ask you to enter location A, and Location B. Location A is your starting point, and B is your Destination.
  3. Once you have entered both locations click ‘Get Directions’.

You will display the route for your destination.

If you feel uncomfortable using applications or GPS device, there is one last traditional option available for you. And that is calling the person at the destination and get directions. But if you are going for the interview, this might not be the best option for you.