Google yesterday released their first beta for Android Q that brings a new level of user experience. There are quite some changes you’d find when using Android Q few of them are not that well like Notification swiping option but some are really useful. If you are now wondering what would happen with the new changes that Android Q will bring to your smartphone; don’t worry we got you cover. Here are 30 feature changes that you’ll find in Android Q compared to Android P.

  1. Dark Mode Toggle Is Gone, But Dark Mode Is Here
  2. Revamped Share Menu
  3. WiFi Sharing with QR Codes
  4. QR Scanner in WiFi Settings
  5. Notches Now Show Up in Screenshots
  6. Theming Options
  7. Granular Location Permissions
  8. Notification Swipes Have Changed
  9. Quick Settings Now Shows Remaining Battery Life
  10. Long Pressing Notifications Shows More Settings
  11. Redesigned Files App
  12. Undo Accidental Home Screen Deletions
  13. Settings Page
  14. Random MAC Addresses
  15. Battery Icon’s Position in Always On Display has Changed
  16. New Gesture for Switching Apps
  17. Built-in Screen Recorder
  18. Currently Playing Music is Shown in Always on Display
  19. Blurred Lock Screen Background When Playing Music
  20. Haptic Feedback While Selecting Text
  21. Recent Apps Have More Rounded Corners
  22. Floating Settings Panels
  23. App Info Page Has Changed
  24. The Enter Key on the Lockscreen Is Now Accented
  25. There’s Now a Media Output Switcher
  26. Time to Read/Time to Take Action Can be Adjusted
  27. Sideloading Apps Doesn’t Take Up the Full Screen Anymore
  28. A New ‘Bell’ Icon Now Shows Which Notification Just Rang
  29. Freeform Apps
  30. Desktop Mode

It is worth mentioning here, Android Q didn’t bring major changes compared to Android Pie. But, by looking at smaller changes you’ll came to know a lot has been changed in Android Q in depth. Android Q brings support for the fever of next-gen fold-able phones (that i personally don’t like), depth maps and a few other changes. It is just a beta version of Android Q that is introduces we shall see improvements in their official release scheduled to be released.