5 Best Laptops for Cyber Security Experts and Students

by Sahrish Kanwal
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The companies intend to secure their confidential information or documents online that requires such a computer that protects their data. Cyber Security or Computer Security Professionals know very well that they need laptops that has top of the line specifications and never gets slow. Here in this list below, we are presenting to you the top reviewed laptops for Cyber Security or Hacking related uses you can buy in 2020. Products in this list are from different budget and price segment so you may choose one that suits your budget and needs:

List of Top Laptops for Cyber Security Experts

On the other hand, individuals also seek such an option that helps them protect their confidential documents. Therefore, we are presenting to you the best picks to keep for cybersecurity professionals. The following are the laptops you must consider if you are looking for something like that.

1. Acer Nitro 5 ($521):

Best Laptops for cyber security 2020

Acer is one of those few companies, which are manufacturing the best laptops when it comes to Cybersecurity and hacking. Acer Nitro has a dual fan option that helps in the cooling of the system. Acer has made this laptop not only reliable but also an economical one. It has a processor of Intel Core 7th generation i5-7300HQ around 2.5 GHz. It has a GPU of NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 Ti, complemented with the VRAM of 4GB GDDR5. Its screen size is around 15.6 full HD, while the screen resolution is 1920×1080 IPS display. In terms of memory, it has 256 GB SSD with 8GB DDR4 with the most fantastic battery life that remains alive until 8hours.


2. ASUS ROG STRIX G ($1,149):

Best Laptops for cyber security 2020

Now here is the deal in case you are looking around a tech machine for your cybersecurity tasks, ASUS ROG STRIX G a must consider one. It has a processor of 9th generation Intel Core i7-9750h Hexa Core, which is the latest one. ASUS comes with a GPU of NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650 4GB DDR5 with a screen size of 15.6 along with the screen display of 1920×1080 IPS. It has a remarkable cooling system intelligent enough to adjust automatically.


3. Razer Blade 15 ($1,499):

Best Laptops for cyber security 2020

This laptop has won the award. Exceptionally, Razer Blade 15 has a biometric security system that encourages windows hello facial lock. This system also provides authentication of the IR sensor and webcam. Razer has the latest processor of Intel 6 Core of 9th generation i7-9750H, consisting of a GPU of NVIDIA GeForce 1660Ti. The screen size is 15.6 full HD with a matte screen display of 60Hz.


4. Apple MacBook Pro 16 ($2,286):

Best Laptops for cyber security 2020

Apple Macbook Pro is the best deal when it comes to cybersecurity issues. It has an exceptional retina display with the graphics of Intel Iris Plus 640 along with AMD Radeon Pro 5300M GPU. Apple Macbook Pro is well known for its ultra-fast SSD and with 512GB SSD it provides super-fast experience. It has Ninth-generation 6-Core Intel Core i7 Processor. MacBook also offers two thunderbolts, 3 USB-C ports with up to ten hours of battery life. It also has a 16-inch Retina Display with True Tone technology.


5. Gigabyte AERO 15X Ultra Slim ($1,613):

Best Laptops for Cyber Security 2020

By far, this is the sleekest and professional laptop by Gigabyte. As its name suggests, it is an ultra-slim tech machine. It has a display of 1920 x 1080, with the ultimate screen size of around 15.6 5mm. Gigabyte is offering two years of warranty along with ten hours of battery life. On the other hand, its processor is of Intel Core i7-8750H, while the GPU consists of NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070 GDDR5 8GB.


Hopefully, you’ve found the best laptop that suits your needs and requirements, being a pentester and computer security professional. If you have any recommendations about the list, do let me know in the comments section below.

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