5 negotiating tricks to get the salary you deserve in 2018

Negotiating your salary to get the pay you want is a pretty tricky work. To get it done, you need to push without offending the hiring manager. Both personals need to walk away feeling that they’ve got what they wanted.

Bussiness Insider after consulting with business experts mentioned their secrets of getting the salary they want on the web.

Never lie about your current salary.

get salary you want

Recruiters have sources to confirm that you are not lying about the current salary you are getting, they can do this with a reference call or ask for a copy of your W-2s. So you should not lie about your salary, I think you don’t want to start a new job with a lie?

If you are asking for a position higher or lower just keep your arrogance in check and be well prepared before the time, also be honest about what you want.

Be excited, but not too excited.

Be excited, but not too excited.

You should keep excitement under control and stay positive because you have no idea how many other candidate manager is interviewing so play it cool.

“Desperate is problematic. Eager is not. I want people who are eager and excited,” he says. “It’s only a good investment on my end if it’s a good investment on your end.”, says Martineau.

Koller adds that showing the employer that you’re excited about working for the company also makes them more inclined to give you what you want.

Keep silent until the interview process is over.

silent in interview

The more the interviewer talks, the more you learn. You want them to do the talking, and you want them to make the first offer. However, this is not something you can always control, especially if they ask you about your salary in the first interview.

But if you can hold off divulging your pay until the last minute, you should, says Dan Martineau, founder of Martineau Recruiting Technology, a firm specializing in IT executive positions with salaries of $85,000 to $200,000.

Use an odd, extremely precise number.

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One executive recruiter based in New York City recommends using a weird, precise number during a negotiation. For example, instead of asking for $70,000, you’re better off asking for $71,500.

“What this all suggests is that the level of precision at which a speaker chooses to convey a quantitative estimate — as ‘seven days’ versus ‘one week’ — signals to message recipients the magnitude of error around the estimate they should expect,” Malia Mason, lead researcher in a study published in The Journal of Experimental Social Psychology said.

Know enough not to over-ask.

how to get salary you want

Make an educated guess as to how much the employer is able to pay you by asking other employees working at the company or researching on job sites, such asGlassdoor.com or Indeed.com.

“At the end of the day, a candidate has a number in mind as to what they think they’re worth,” says Eddie R. Koller III, executive recruiter, and partner at Koller Search Partners, a technology and media recruiting firm. “But a company has limits to what they can spend.”

If you ask more then the employer can pay then they may eliminate you that moment.

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