5 Reason that Shows Far Cry: New Dawn is Sequel of Far Cry 5

The Standalone Sequel of Far Cry 5 is here and named as Far Cry: New Dawn. This new game is tricky and to make it work well, you have to play Far Cry 5 to have an overall idea of how’s things works.

Far Cry: New Dawn is no exception – but that is far from a bad thing.

The Far Cry 5 takes players back to Hope County, Montana, and settings for all of the events in its fifth main game. In Far Cry: New Dawn you will be dealing with a new storyline with entirely different characters and reskinned environment. The Far Cry 5’s knowledge is necessary for newcomers planning to enjoy it at its best.

It is not that you have to buy Far Cry 5 (invest $60 on predecessor) to play new release of Far Cry franchise. I am saying it because if you play just Far Cry: New Dawn, it will devalue your gaming experience of new release and experience will not be that much impressive.

However, the best parts of New Dawn are found not in what is new to Hope but in new ways Hope changed since original unveiling last year.

These are 5 reasons must play Far Cry 5 before Far Cry: New Dawn

  1. The finale of 5 raises all of the stakes in New Dawn.
  2. The altered open world is more enjoyable when you’ve seen it in its original glory.
  3. You’ll understand a lot more of New Dawn’s lore.
  4. It’s easier to forgive both New Dawn’s and 5’s shortcomings when they’re part of a bigger narrative.
  5. More Far Cry is almost always a good thing.

That’s all, for now, I will bring more on Far Cry: New Dawn if deemed necessary.


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