8 Best Privacy Apps For Android Everyone Should Try

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Privacy is the main concern of any smartphone user than ever before just after the Facebook’s Cambridge analytica.

To secure yourself from of these things you need to install privacy apps on your smartphone that do two things.

  1. Keeps other away from your personal data
  2. Show you what other companies are doing to you.
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Here are the best privacy apps for android.

AppLock by SpSoft

Available at Google Play in Free/in-app purchases.

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There are a bunch of Applications like this, but Applock by SpSoft is an excellent privacy measure.

Core Features:

  • It prevents unauthorized access to apps on your android.
  • Taking photos of people who enter your password wrong.
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  • Applications are not flawless, you can bypass one with enough effort and time.
  • The application is available on Google Play for free with an optional pro version in Paid apps.

Firefox Focus

Available at Google Play for Free.

Firefox needs no introduction, Firefox Focus is an excellent web browser.

Core Features:

  • Blocking a wide range of common web trackers and advertisements.
  • Hallmark feature is a one-button wipe function, simply press the button and browser history goes away.

Firefox is available to download and use for free.

Glass Wire

Available at Google play in Free/ in-app purchases.

Glass Wire is one of the best privacy app.

Core Features:

  • The App monitors your data usage, useful for some user who has metered data on their phone and shows you the apps using your data in real time.
  • You might be able to see whenever an app connects to its servers or uses your data
  • You can also limit your data usage.
  • This app has other customization features for monitoring and other stuff.


Available at Google Play for Free.

VPNs are among the best privacy apps, They let you connect to a virtual network and hides your actual network. ProtonVPN is one the best VPN with ‘Strict no logging‘.

Core Features:

  • Secure Core – protects users against traffic correlation attacks.
  • Strong Encryption – All traffic is encrypted with AES-256, key exchange is done with 2048-bit RSA, and HMAC with SHA 256 is used for authentication.
  • Forward Secrecy – There is no way to decrypt or capture encrypted traffic.
  • Strong Protocols – Uses Strong OpenVPN protocol.
  • DNS Leak and Kill Switch – default DNS server of the system are made to prevent leaks and a built-in kill switch that interrupts your internet if you VPN serve connections drop. This will keep you true IP hidden.


Available at Google Play for Free.

DuckDuckGo is a privacy browser.

Core Features:

  • This App helps you to view web contents with extra security than normal.
  • The app block website trackers and forces user to use the encrypted connection and rate privacy policy of the various sire with a grade score
  • This app also uses their very own DuckDuckGo search engine and this engine claims not to track your searches, even for ad purposes.

Ghostery is another web browser available.

K-9 Mail

Available at Google Play for Free.

K-9 Mail is one of the trustworthy email apps.

Core Features:

  • Adds encryption with OpenKeyChain support: Easy PGP app.
  • Folder Sync.
  • Works with IMAP, POP3 and Exchange 2003/2007 accounts.

K9-mail is marketed as one of the best functional replacement for the default email application.

Good News is for developers because K-9 Mail is an open source.

The Tor Project

Available at Google Play for Free.

The Tor Project is hard-code mode for privacy fans.

It is probably the best privacy app available.

Core Features:

  • The Tor project has three apps in total:
  1. Orbot- a proxy app that uses Tor to encrypt your internet traffic.
  2. Orfox is a privacy browser.
  3. OONI Probe is an app that monitors your Internet connection for censorship.


  • It’s a little tough to set up and get used to.
  • Their interest is to improve security, The Tor Project is also available on desktop as well.

Telegram or Signal Private Messenger

Available at Google Play for Free.

Telegram and Signal Private Messenger are two best privacy apps.

Core Features:

  • Telegram is so good at keeping secrets.
  • Both apps let you message other people with dull encryption.
  • These apps also support photo, video, and file sharing along with voice call, group chats and more.
  • Both apps are good in slightly different ways, however, Telegram has a lot of momentum right and more people are there.
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