7 High School Students Arrested for Hacking School Network

by Adeel Younas
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Seven students from North Carolina, the student of Norman High School have been officially charged with hacking into school’s network.

The incident took place on Aug 31st, when one of those students managed to crack IT administrations passwords.

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Investigation agency told, one of the student shared his finding with his friends and then went to access various computers of school’s network and used them for next two days. The compromised computers were operated by teachers and other students both.

Students were caught by school personnel and notified to the authorities. Law enforcement agency arrested the kids between Sept 24 and 25 and charged them with the minor misdemeanor for accessing computers illegally.

School authorities confirmed that there were no changes in grades, test score or school information.

Students were only able to access the school network while they were in campus, they made jokes with other students moving their mouse and by activating their webcam, mentioned by Police.

Ages of charged students are ranging from 14 to 18 and they are to appear on November 10. All children are back into their parents after being released on $1,500 bond.

In the meantime, the school suspended the students and changed its computer’s password.


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