A Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra shot this wildlife documentary short

by Ijlala Maqbool

Samsung is trying to showboat the camera prowess of Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G, had previously partnered with National Geographic Traveller India for an underwater expedition to Maldives and capture (on camera) the famed tiger sharks.
Now, the company has teamed up with Discovery and Project C.A.T. (Conserving Acres for Tigers) for a documentary titled ‘Eye to Eye With a Tiger’ shot using the same smartphone camera. Samsung said the documentary was for raising awareness on the need to protect tigers and their habitats.
The documentary, shot in Ranthambore National Park by well-known wildlife photographer Yashas Narayan, tracks his experience photographing the elusive big cats. Award-winning director Vikram Singh was also part of the project. Aside from being a gripping documentary on the tigers in the wild, ‘Eye to Eye With a Tiger’ also showcases the ‘flexibility’ that Galaxy S21 Ultra purportedly offers to filmmakers. Perhaps that was the point of Samsung’s participation in the project.
Yashas Narayan reportedly didn’t use any extra lenses, and the phone was clasped in a grip system to give him more control. Samsung said that the camera’s dual-tele zoom & space zoom could bring faraway subjects close to your eyes without the image suffering any distortion. The camera offers zoom functionalities at 3x, 10x, or even 100x.

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