Pakistani brand Shines at SLUSH 2015 at SLUSH at SLUSH

For those who are not aware, SLUSH is a global tech event that draws hundreds and thousands of tech entrepreneurs and business investors from all over the world. Tech individuals come together to support the next big tech idea through the SLUSH event. Just like every year, this year, SLUSH hosted one of the major tech events that included the Impact accelerator program that was orchestrated with the help of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Finland, World Bank and 15 slush hubs across the world. The Impact Accelerator program invited 30 selected entrepreneurs from around the world for 9-day bootcamp in Helsinki. The 9-day bootcamp had various classes and workshops from renowned business investors and businessmen to train the next generation of best tech geniuses.

Young entrepreneurs need to be more aware of this magnificent global event that comes with a promise of investment that can change an entrepreneur’s life. It goes without saying that SLUSH is one of the most significant and noteworthy tech contest in the world that does more than just provide a platform for both investors and entrepreneurs; it allows the emerging tech geniuses to come together and develop and polish their ideas for a better business model. was one of the winning 30 startups that were choosen for the bootcamp program. Later, also got selected to showcase its business model on the stage at final day event along with other top 9 selected companies out of 300 companies. founder Wajiha Ghazal speaking at the pitching session during SLUSH 2015 founder Wajiha Ghazal speaking at the pitching session during SLUSH 2015, a peer-to-peer sharing consignment store that allows sellers and buyers to easily trade goods at a cheaper rate, made it to the top 30 businesses that were invited for the 9-day program in Helsinki. Founder and cofounder of affordable. pk flew to Helsinki, Finland for the 9-day training program that allowed the founders to carefully analyze their business model and prepare it for further improvement

It is worth mentioning here that before SLUSH, went on to win a lot of local tech contests in Pakistan, including invest2inovate, the contest that gave way to the global SLUSH impact for and 1 more Pakistani tech startup Cowlar.

The company, founded by tech entrepreneurs, Wajiha Ghazal and Kashan Chisty, envisioned an online consignment store that would bring both the buyers and the sellers together for social sharing. This is a revolutionized way of sharing that allows the society to use the power of sharing for the betterment of the community. This is more than just a consignment store; it is a way to revolutionize traditional classified business model, the way people buy and sell.

During the 9-day bootcamp, participated in various workshops and classes, including Peter Kelly’s seminar, IFC Workshop, Unicef workshop, Will Cardwell’s workshop, and impact iglu’s Design and thinking workshop. In addition to getting chosen for the top 10 entrepreneurs for the pitching stage, has the honor to be one of the few businesses whose business idea will be part of Aalto University thesis.

How does this achievement impact us? Many young tech entrepreneurs, especially women entrepreneurs, are not aware of the opportunities that can help us achieve corporate success, and pave a better way for future tech geniuses. This achievement highlights our presence in the global tech community, and reminds us that anything is possible if you work hard enough for it.