Airbnb CEO to verify all 7 million listings to improve trust factor

by Sarah Forst
Airbnb CEO to verify all 7 million listings to improve trust factor Image Name

Almost for the 7 million properties, Airbnb decided to verify. In October, many fake verifications and ambiguous  Airbnb property listed, and that is why Airbnb move towards accuracy. In  Orinda and California at the Airbnb apartment, where an illegal Halloween party took place and left here, five people died.

Airbnb to Check all 7 million listings to improve the trust factor

Airbnb’s effort in the array of tweets is the framework by CEO Brian Chesky. These efforts are making in next year which, may include  Guest Guarantee. It explains that if the short-term rents are not making quality standards, then it rebook the guest. The primary purpose of this is that it enhances the trust of people about it and also receive funds and report problems when required.

“The company’s CEO said in an email that the company would undertake a year-long project to ensure every listing is advertised accurately.”, reported Vice

If the acquiescent faces any problem, they can call through the hotline.  Authentic people always available 24/7 hours to attend their calls and answered them. On  December 15, 2020, all the intentions are verified and will clear. It composed of Chesky.

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