Alchemist Code Tier List 2020 [Updated August]

The Alchemist Code Tier List contains the best characters with rarity levels from 5 Star to 3 Star. However, the rarity level goes to 1 Star but we mentioned only 3 that can make your game exciting.

Alchemist Code Tier List Updated August 2020

The alchemist code tier list defines the best characters along with skill, type, and the level they’ve. Before wasting any further time, let’s get started with our list.

5 Star Tier List:

Dark MiraPure Water’s Heartbeat89Human, Female, Dark
DenebThunderer’s Trance85Human, Female
LupinusRaging Fire’s Heatbeat91Human, Female
OthimaPure Water’s Heartbeat95Human, Male
MargaretLight Of Dawn’s Heatbeat85Human, Female
ViviRaging Fire’s Heatbeat91Human, Female
NeicaLight Of Dawn’s Heatbeat95Human, Female
DaisyRaging Fire’s Heatbeat95Human, Female
KlimaPure Water’s Heartbeat85Human, Female
HugoLight Of Dawn’s Heatbeat85Human, Male
ReidoTwilight’s Heartbeat95Human, Male
NefertitiFresh Wind’s Heartbeat95Human, Female
Don TarasRaging Fire’s Heatbeat95Human, Male
AishaLight Of Dawn’s Heatbeat95Human, Female
LailaThunderer’s Trance95Human, Female
TsukuyomiTwilight’s Heartbeat95Human, Female
GormalasTwilight’s Worship95Human, Male
BerthaTwilight’s Heartbeat95Human, Female
ZweiFresh Wind’s Heartbeat95Human, Female, Templar
SharonThunderer’s Heartbeat95Human, Female
BaltFresh Wind’s Boon95Human, Male
AnastasiaTwilight’s Trance95Human, Female
Liu ShenRaging Fire’s Heatbeat95Human, Male

4 Star Tier List:

VincentThunderer’s Heartbeat91Human, Male
ChiruuPure Water’s Breath85Human, Female
ThillieFresh Wind’s Heartbeat85Human, Female
LucianSmasher’s Boon95Human, Female
ScherazadeFreshWind’s Trance95Human, Female
SuiranFresh Wind’s Boon95Human, Female
SabaretaWrath’s Trance95Human, Female
CarisMarksman’s Boon95Human, Female
ChihayaCryptic Revelation95Human, Female
HazukiFresh Wind’s Boon85Human, Female
LisbethPure Water’s Boon85Human, Female
TinaCryptic Pulse91Human, Female
FreedStabber’s Boon95Human, Male
LamiaStabber’s Boon91Human, Female
MianneCryptic Guardian85Human, Female
MiaSorcerer’s Boon95Human, Female
CelineCyptic Trance85Human, Female
SilgaSwordsman’s Boon91Human, Male
StrieSwordsman’s Boon95Human, Female
ZangetsuStabber’s Boon95Human, Male
MegistosMarksman’s Boon95Human, Male
LofiaCryptic Revelation91Human, Female
RahuCryptic Sense95Human, Female

3 Star Tier List:

DevelCryptic Blind Res Lv195Human, Female
PeridotPrairie’s Boon95Human, Female
FayreneFresh Wind’s Heartbeat95Human, Female
RebeccaLust’s Heartbeat91Human, Female
ElaineMarksman’s Fervor95Human, Female
AmisCryptic Vision95Human, Female
EdgarThunderer’s Boon85Human, Male
AnneroseCryptic Fervor95Human, Female
AlmiraMarksman’s Fervor95Human, Female
MizuchiSwordsman’s Fervor95Human, Male
VanekisSorcerer’s Fervor95Human, Female
LeonSorcerer’s Fervor85Human, Male
MichaelSorcerer’s Fervor91Human, Male
JakeCryptic Silence Res Lv195Human, Male
RichieMarksman’s Fervor95Human, Male
KazahayaSmasher’s Fervor91Human, Female
EnnisCryptic Foresight95Human, Female
AlyuCryptic Favor95Human, Female
StraussMarksman’s Fervor95Human, Male
PattyCryptic Foresight95Human, Male
ArkilSwordsman’s Fervor95Human, Male
YuanCyptic Foresight85Human, Male
KuonCryptic Fervor95Human, Female
KanonEnvy’s Boon95Human, Female
ZekeEnvy’s Trance91Human, Male
YutoRaging Fire’s Orb85Human, Male
CelliersLust’s Heartbeat95Human, Female
ElrikeEnvy’s Heartbeat95Human, Female
BlanchettWrath’s Boon95Human, Female
D’ ArtagnanEnvy’s Trance91Human, Female

Alchemist Code Japanese Mobile Strategy RPGs enjoyed and played by millions in Japan has several tiers for its Heros. We’ve gathered the information you’ve just read from various sources, If there is any mistake please highlight so we can fix it asap. Do let me know if you have any query related to Tier List of Alchemist Code in comments sections.

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