Alibaba opens e-commerce platform to sellers outside of China


Have you ever heard about Alibaba, one of the most popular e-commerce store in China, expanding itself to more countries? From now on, businesses from the selected country can now be able to sell their products on Alibaba.

Another e-commerce giant, AliExpress has allowed small businesses to sell their products to 150 different countries. Now AliExpress is allowing businesses from Italy, Spain, Turkey, and Russia to offer products on its platform. The company is willing to open up to more countries in the near future.

AliExpress entirely consists of numerous third-party retailers. The e-commerce site is known for providing products at affordable prices. For instance, you can get iPhone cases for 49 cents and counterfeit luxury handbags only in few US dollars.

In the previous year, the company proclaims its sales increased by almost 94 percent as compared to the previous year.

President of AliExpress, Trudy Dai said “This year is the first year for our ‘local to global’ strategy. This strategy is intimately connected to Alibaba’s broader globalization strategy.”

Global expansion move of Alibaba shows that it is planning to give tough competition to World’s largest online retailer, Amazon. Although, in China, Alibaba is getting maximum shares in the country.

The company proclaims that it aims to dominate the US market this year, for becoming the world’s biggest retail market.

From the past few years, Amazon just failed to make its market in China dues to giant competitors like Alibaba and In the last month, Amazon announced that it will be closing its services from Chinese domestic ecommerce business.