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by Adeel Younas
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The concept of Online Shopping has been expressed and made to evolve into a massive growth market sector in the world of E-Commerce and Online Shopping. With the rapid development in the Internet providing companies and the introduction of 3G and 4G has resulted in much more extensive coverage and more reliable coverage throughout Pakistan. This allows users like us to go online through our desktops, laptops, and mobile phones and surf the Internet whenever needed necessary.

The concept of Online Shopping was engaged and redeveloped as a new method of utilizing the internet services to perform multiple business transactions, irrespective of the time and your location at the time of order. This occasioned in an immense volume of business dealings at an unanticipated and completely unexpected rate in Pakistan.

Online Shopping Gained Momentum

As soon as the concept of Online Shopping gained momentum and was highly acknowledged, there has been an overflow of investment as technical and financial support. This has largely and effectively occasioned in the fruition of the Online Shopping with numerous companies, shops, and even entire Shopping Malls have joined this Online Shopping Market: especially Mega Electrical Home Appliances Stores such as Haier, Sony, Samsung, Kenwood, Braun, Bose and many more.

Why choose Shoppingum for your Online Shopping routine?

Shoppingum welcomed the new advancements of the world of e-Commerce, with open arms, as is Pakistan’s first and biggest e-Commerce Search Engine. With 3G and 4G introducing a far more impressive and reliable internet coverage right up to your fingertips, e-Commerce has advanced to such levels that numerous brands and shops have entered this form of business by going online.

Shoppingum has the capability of uniting this Online Bazaar under one banner and has been pioneered in such a way to give access to the user to skim and scan through the same and relatable products placed separately on numerous websites.

Comparative Shopping

Remember the older days when you would hold your mama’s hand as she would visit a dozen of the shops for the same product and buying the one with the lowest cost, yet the best warranty offers?

Shoppingum brings you the real way of shopping, but only at the cost of a couple of clicks. Now you can see your product available throughout the World Wide Web and compare them instantly based on the provider, the warranty, the cost, the delivery period, and the suppliers available. Moreover, the feature of relatable products allows you to see the list of all the relatable products, helping you in extending your search parameters and introducing you to lesser-known, yet better, alternatives.

Get yourself the best home appliances through Shoppingum?

Overcoming the Limitations

Nowadays, the Internet has been transformed into a substantial global village, with the homeowners assimilating the consistent practice of giving their home designs and appliances up to date. To deal with the unceasing development in the highly efficient and far more superior technologies, the homeowners are offered the platform of Shoppingum to have their home appliances upgraded to keep up with the technological advancement, keeping in mind the product efficiency and user-friendliness.

This allows homeowners like you to successfully be able to communicate with electronics and home appliances business syndicates, also known as the Brown Appliance Syndicates, and easily interact with the majority of the technological corporations, collaborating with emerging home appliances brands and cooperating with likeminded homeowner world only to keep up with the technological upgrades.

Vast Information

To supply the most accurate and authentic information about Home appliances that are most necessarily sought by the homeowners, Shoppingum assists you with the most reliable and accurate database of the type and brands of home appliances available on the worldwide online shopping forum and help you compare other similar home appliances of competing brands based on the product specifications, price, delivery time and warranty periods.

Moreover, Shoppingum also assists you in giving you a detailed account of other relatable products that are commonly recommended and bought with your electronic home appliance in interest, and also updates you with future add–ons and updates relevant products, to keep you technologically sound.

An Open Door for Online Shopping

Regardless of the time of the day or your current location, Shoppingum is present to help you connect with the online electronic components stores and keeps your online shopping interest by making sure that your relevant electronic stores are ‘always open’. Shoppingum is an online platform and is capable of storing all requests by the time your favorite store opens, without you getting your orders canceled because of the traffic loads on the respective electronic online shopping websites.

Shoppingum most searched and online shopped Home Appliances

Air Conditioners

The Changhong Ruba CSC-12JTW is a 1.0 ton Split Air Conditioner with the energy-saving feature. The Changhong Ruba CSC-12JTW can work at a temperature of 53 degrees Celsius. The Haier HSU 18HNF Silver 66% claimed energy saving is an Inverter based 1.5 Ton Split Air Conditioner with an A-PAM DC Inverter Technology. The Haier HSU 18HNF is compatible with the Solar Panel Compatibility and has a Turbo Cooling and Heating Feature with the four ways Air Way Technology. You can check out all the latest Air Conditioner prices in Pakistan from all trustable stores on Shoppingum.

The Gree 12FITH1C is a 1 Ton DC Inverter Split AC with the Energy Savings of more than 50 percent. The ultra-low frequency torque control allows a better precise temperature control feature and makes Gree 12FITH1C Solar Panel Compatible. The claimed power factor of this Heating and Cooling Inverter AC is claimed to be 99%.


The Haier HRF – 438TDB is a turbo based fridge available in the Haier Turbo Fridge series. The Haier HRF – 438TDB is 30 percent faster in the cooling rate when compared to the previous technologies, allowing more than 50 percent of Energy Saving and has Cooling retention of more than 100 hours. The One Touch Smart Control system of the Haier HRF – 438TDB allows a much easier user interface. The Haier HRF – 438TDB has the cooling method of direct cool technology and has a gross capacity of nearly 440 liters with the refrigeration capacity being 285 liters and the freezer capacity being 153 liters. The available color for Haier HRF – 438TDB is black, and the dimensions are 1775 mm x 660 mm x 610 mm, and the net weight of the Haier HRF – 438TDB is 71 kilograms.

The Dawalance Refrigerator 91996WB NS is an inverter-based refrigeration technology that saves up to 40 percent of the energy when compared to the previous technologies. The Dawalance Refrigerator 91996WB NS has a 525-liter capacity and is available in grey with a 12-year compressor and one year part warranty available.


Pop-up Toasters, like the Braun HT-600 Toaster, also referred to as the Automatic Toasters, has a slot for a single vertical piece of bread, which is pressed down in front of the heating element by using a lever present on the side of the Toaster.

Like in the case of the Philips HD2637/00 Toaster, the length of the heating cycle for the toast is, in fact, the degree of toasting of the Toaster, is adjustable through the help of the lever, knob or even through the pushbuttons. As these types of Toaster are automatic, the Toaster turns off and pops out the toast of the bread. Although, some old Toaster use the typical clock timer to keep in check the entire required duration of the toasting operation.

Conveyor Toasters, such as INTELLIGENT TOAST-QWIK® NARROW CONVEYOR TOASTER ITQ are designed toasters for the catering industry, restaurants, and Cafeterias, and similar commercial food is providing facilities, where constant and high level of toasting is required. The doneness of the toast is controlled by the speed of the conveyor belt, managing the time the bread remains exposed to the heating elements. The Toasting Rate for such commercial type toaster is significant. The Toasting Rate for the Conveyor Toasters is 300 to 1600 slices an hour.

Washing Machines

Haier HWM 75 – AS is an ideal Washing Machine with Dryer for the smaller living spaces is not only highly suitable in terms of occupied space but also terms of the exertion and hassle caused. Haier HWM 75 – AS portable design allows the combo machine and dryer to operate as a separate water line easily. You can also find the lowest prices of washing machines in Pakistan of all famous brands.

Compact Washing Machine such as Kenwood KWM-1010 – Semi-Automatic Washing Machine (weighs 10KG) which is ideal for the small living spaces and although are not effective when the Washing Machine with Dryer compared with the full-sized, fully functional, separate washer and dryer machines due to a decrease in machine power and compactness.

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