Alleged details of Google’s upcoming Pixel 7 Mini surface

by Jack Prosser
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Google is rumored to be developing a smaller version of the Pixel 7 called the Pixel 7 Mini. There’s a rumor that Google is working on two new devices, codenamed Lynx and Felix. The Felix will be a foldable phone, while the Lynx (short for L10) will be a Pixel series smartphone. A final moniker for the Pixel Lynx has yet to be decided. An Android researcher named Kuba Wojciechowski gave some information about the device.

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Kuba hinted in July that the Lynx could be the third high-end Pixel phone to come out this year. A Samsung GN1 primary camera and a Sony IMX787 secondary camera were included in the Lynx model’s camera arrangement. A Sony IMX712 camera will be available on the front of the device, perfect for those all-important selfies. A September tip suggests that the device has two Sony IMX712 sensors. One will be a front-facing standard-angle lens, and the other will be a rear-facing ultra-wide-angle lens.

According to Kuba, the Lynx Pixel’s hardware will have a Qualcomm Wi-Fi 6E + Bluetooth chip (WCNG6740). The Pixel 6 and Pixel 7 are both powered by the same Broadcom BCM4389 chip. Wireless charging will be available for Lynx phones.

The screen could refresh at 120 frames per second and display in Full HD+. The Pixel 6 Pro and Pixel 7 Pro have high-resolution (1440 by 3210 pixels) panels with a rapid refresh rate (120 frames per second). It could be the Pixel 7 Mini, as Kuba speculated. Contrary to popular belief, the Lynx phone is almost certainly not the Pixel 7a.

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The Chinese source Digital Chat Station released information on the Pixel 7 Mini in September, including the fact that it has a smaller screen than the standard Pixel 7. He explained that the device is known as “Neila.” This leaves it unclear whether the Neila and Lynx are the same gadget or merely very similar.

Google Pixel 7 Mini specifications:

The Pixel 7 Mini’s exact specifications are unknown now, but we know what to expect from it. The smartphone is thought to include a camera hole in the top center of the screen. As previously stated, the display is projected to be of FHD+ (1080) resolution. The trendy visor-like design on the rear is also expected. As of now, little information about the device has been made available.

Very little information is currently known regarding the Google Pixel 7 Mini smartphone. Google may release the Pixel 7A instead of the reported Pixel 7 Mini. We’re not even sure if this device exists. As a result, we must rely on hearsay and conjecture regarding the smartphone. If you’re interested in learning more, keep an eye on our postings and updates; we’ll add more information as it becomes available.


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