Amazon adds virtual Dash buttons to its website

by Muhammad Irfan Raza
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It’s already very simple and smooth to buy amazing stuff from Amazon’s websites, but now Amazon made it more simple to buy the stuff that you have already purchased, now you don’t have to search items every day again and again.

Amazon has introduced a new digital version of Dash button and has added them to the homepage. The digital Dash Button will enable one-click buying. The button will appear on Thursday night on and its app.

Virtual dash button


Amazon will automatically produce button for your most recent purchases, but you can also create this button on your own as described by an unknown source. As long as you are prime member of the company, you can use new Dash Button now.

According to the source, the company has decided that it will launch virtual Dash buttons due to popularity of the physical versions.

The new version has potential to be more popular than ever before because these are free, whereas you need to pay $5 for each physical button.

But it all depends on people whether they choose to use them instead of just shopping the stuff as they had been shopping on e-commerce giant’s website or app.


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