Amazon fixes security flaws allowing smart home hijacks

by Muhammad Irfan Raza
Published: Last Updated on

Various owners of smart home devices might have avoided some flaws. As recently, Amazon has repaired 13 security bugs being found in an operating system for the Internet of Things, FreeRTOS, along with Amazon Web Services connection modules.

All of those flaws allow hackers to crash devices, remotely run the code and leak the important data of the users, in short, the intruders get full control of users’ device.

These bugs might have caused more damage to large numbers if it remains unfixed. As both of FreeRTOS and its safety-oriented counterpart SafeRTOS are used in numerous devices outside and inside the home including aircraft, medical gear, and cars as well.

Zimperium, which found all those buds, is still waiting unto 30 days after the confession to render all technical details required by the open source license of FreeRTOS. According to Zimperium, this should give smaller outfits a chance to mend the flaws.

The declared flaws are far from the unique ones but these flaws seem to be new here. Amazon Web Services has taken the control for a core of FreeRTOS back in November last year.

It was more like a test for Amazon’s ability to respond to numerous issues and so far it seems that the company has managed to resolve issues in a handsome way.

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