Amazon Web Hosting: everything you need to get started

by Ijlala Maqbool

In recent years, Amazon has become a significant player in the web hosting industry. Their “AWS” platform is used by some of the largest websites in the world, and their services are generally well-regarded by users. In this article, we’ll look at Amazon’s web hosting offerings and see if they’re a good fit for your needs.

Amazon provides the platform for web hosting, which includes Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS), and Software as a Service (SaaS). This platform was built in 2006 and used to handle online retail. It has introduced the pay-as-you-go cloud computing program and delivers computing and storage per their needs.  

Types of Web Hosting

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Amazon EC2:

A virtual server is a server that does not physically exist but is a computer file that behaves like a server. Amazon EC2 is a virtual server running the application, especially for business purposes. It can function as a practically unlimited set of virtual machines. EC2 provides the user with complete control of their computing resources and lets them run on Amazon’s infrastructure.

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AWS Lambda:

AWS Lambda is a serverless computing platform that allows you to run code without provisioning or managing servers. With Lambda, you can run code for virtually any application or backend service – all with zero administration.

Lambda is a perfect fit for many use cases, such as log processing, web application backends, and real-time stream processing. You can set up your code to automatically trigger from other AWS services or call it directly from any web or mobile app.

AWS Lambda executes your code only when needed and scales automatically, so there is no need to provision or manage servers. You pay only for the compute time you consume – there is no charge when your code is not running.

Amazon S3

Amazon S3 is an object storage service that offers industry-leading scalability, data availability, security, and performance. This means that you can store and retrieve any amount of data from anywhere in the world, at any time, with minimum usage commitments.

Amazon S3 works by creating “buckets” (i.e. folders) to store your data. Once you have created a bucket, you can upload objects (i.e. files) to it. You can then access these objects via URLs or the Amazon S3 API.

There are many benefits of using Amazon S3, including its scalability, data availability, security, and performance.

AWS Amplify Hosting

AWS Amplify Hosting is a static web hosting service that enables you to deploy your website or web application on Amazon Web Services (AWS). Amplify Hosting provides a simple, scalable, cost-effective way to host your website or web application on AWS. With Amplify Hosting, you can quickly deploy and manage your website or web application on AWS with just a few clicks.

Amplify Hosting is built on Amazon S3, Amazon CloudFront, and Amazon Route 53. It uses these services to provide a robust and scalable static web hosting solution. Amplify Hosting also includes tools and services that enable you to deploy and manage your website or web application on AWS.

Amazon Lightsail

Amazon Lightsail is a new service from Amazon that makes it easy for developers to get started with AWS. Lightsail is a managed service that includes everything you need to launch your own virtual private server (VPS) on AWS. With Lightsail, you pay only for what you use, making it an affordable option for those just getting started with AWS.

Lightsail provides pre-configured servers called “instances”. These instances come with everything you need to get started, including a pre-configured operating system, web server software, and a firewall. You can launch an instance in minutes and connect to it using SSH.

Once connected, you can use the instance just like any other server. You can install additional software, upload files, and run web applications.

Features of Lightsail

It is one of the highly reliable, highly secure, and highly available service groups with standardized security mechanisms. It has many features as follows, 

  • You can quickly deploy a virtual private server.
  • Storage options and network facilities with fault-tolerant advancement. 
  • You can integrate it with APIs to get high-order functionalities.


Amazon Lightsail is a cloud platform that provides developers access to virtual private servers, storage, and networking. Lightsail packages include everything needed to launch a website or application on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud.

Amazon Web Hosting: everything you need to get started

Pricing for Amazon Lightsail starts at $3.50 per month for 512 MB of RAM and 20 GB of storage. This package includes one virtual private server (VPS), one static IP address, and unlimited data transfer.

Following are the AWS LightSail Packages:

  • 5USD Package – 512 MB RAM | 1 Core Processor | 20 GB SDD Disk | 1TB Transfer
  • 10USD Package – 1 GB RAM | 1 Core Processor | 30 GB SDD Disk | 2TB Transfer
  • 20USD Package – 2 GB RAM | 1 Core Processor | 40 GB SDD Disk | 3TB Transfer
  • 40USD Package – 24GB RAM | 2 Core Processor | 60 GB SDD Disk | 4TB Transfer
  • 80USD Package – 8 GB RAM | 2 Core Processor | 80 GB SDD Disk | 5TB Transfer

Why choose Amazon?

Amazon services are capable to provide a lot of benefits which include:

  1. Amazon web hosting is a cloud-based platform that provides businesses with a flexible, scalable, and cost-effective way to host their websites and applications.
  2. Amazon Web Hosting offers a pay-as-you-go pricing model that allows businesses to only pay for their resources, making it a more affordable option than traditional on-premises hosting solutions.
  3. Amazon Web Hosting also provides access to a wide range of other AWS services, such as storage, databases, content delivery, and security, making it an ideal platform for businesses looking for a one-stop solution for all their website and application needs.
  4. There are many reasons to choose Amazon Lightsail for a cloud-based platform. First, Amazon Lightsail is affordable, starting at just $3.50 per month. Second, with a user-friendly interface, it is easy to set up and use. Third, it offers many features, including a DNS management system, email forwarding, and SSL support. Finally, Amazon Lightsail provides excellent customer support.

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