AMD EPYC Turin vs. Genoa: Comparing Zen 5’s Leaked Specs

by Adeel Younas
5th Gen EYPC CPU

Leaked images of AMD’s upcoming Zen 5-based Epyc processor, codenamed Turin, have surfaced courtesy of the vigilant leaker @yuuki_ans on X. The EPYC Turin is apparently rolling out with a massive 192 Zen 5c cores. But that’s not all – it can also handle up to 128 standard Zen 5 cores. These leaked images give us a sneak peek into what might be the next big thing in server processors.

No Surprises, Just Solid Continuity

The leaked images reveal that Turin will maintain the same SP5 socket as its 4th-gen predecessors—Genoa, Bergamo, and Siena. This strategic continuity ensures that Turin seamlessly integrates into existing SP5 servers, sparing users the hassle of a motherboard upgrade. The familiarity of the SP5 socket is a nod to AMD’s commitment to user-friendly transitions in the ever-evolving tech landscape.

A Chromatic Shift: From Orange to Blue

One noticeable change in Turin’s aesthetics is the shift from the familiar orange carrier to a sleek blue one. While this may seem like a mere cosmetic alteration, it signals a subtle departure from the visual norms established by its predecessors. The essence, however, remains intact.

Core Layout Chronicles: Zen 5 vs. Zen 5c

The leaker has generously shared core layout diagrams for Turin, differentiating between Zen 5 and the denser Zen 5c cores. Astoundingly, these layouts closely mirror those of Genoa and Bergamo, respectively. This suggests that the fundamental architecture of Zen 5 remains consistent.

A Singular Codename: Turin

Intriguingly, Turin persists as the codename for both Zen 5 and Zen 5c variants. This unified nomenclature, rather than adopting distinct codenames, could be a deliberate move by AMD to emphasize the shared essence and interconnectedness of these variants.

Decrypting the Engineering Sample

The existence of this engineering sample speaks volumes about AMD’s progress with Turin and Zen 5. Drawing parallels with the Epyc Genoa timeline, where the first pictures emerged in April 2022 and the official launch occurred in November, we can infer that Turin is on a similar trajectory. The leak from @yuuki_ans suggests that AMD is steadily advancing towards a 2024 launch.

Turin’s Timeline Unveiled

  • Epyc Genoa (April 2022): First pictures leaked.
  • Epyc Genoa (November 2022): Official launch.
  • Turin (Leaked): Engineering sample surfaces, indicating progress.
  • Projected Turin Launch (2024): Anticipated release.

Turin vs. Its Predecessors: A Quick Comparison

Feature Turin (Zen 5) Genoa (Zen 4)
Socket SP5 SP5
Core Variants Zen 5, Zen 5c Zen 4
Carrier Color Blue Orange
Codename Consistency Turin for both variants Genoa for Zen 4
Estimated Launch Year 2024 2022

Scheduled for an official launch in 2024, Turin’s leaked images and details reveal AMD’s commitment to seamless transitions, visual evolution, and core consistency. Users in the AMD ecosystem can expect a future building on predecessors’ strengths with subtle refinements.

Source: X

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