AMD Radeon Pro W7900: Specs and Benchmarks Spotted in Puget Bench

by Shumail Ali
AMD Radeon Pro W7900 Specs

AMD is already hard at work on its next-generation graphics card for workstations, the Radeon Pro W7900. AMD’s Radeon Pro lineup anticipates an exhilarating addition with cutting-edge performance for professionals and content creators.

Radeon Pro W7900 48GB VRAM

While the specific specifications of the Radeon Pro W7900 remain unknown, there are already high expectations for its VRAM capacity. AMD has previously doubled the VRAM on its Radeon Pro W6900X (Apple-Exclusive) and Radeon Pro W6800 cards to 32 GB, compared to the 16 GB found on consumer variants.

If AMD follows a similar approach with the Radeon Pro W7900, we could potentially see a flagship graphics card with up to 48 GB of VRAM. This would put it on par with NVIDIA’s RTX 6000 Ada graphics card and even surpass AMD’s own Radeon RX 7900 XTX card, which also features 48 GB of memory.

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Radeon Pro W7900 Specifications

In terms of the GPU configuration, the Radeon Pro W7900 may feature the full-fledged Navi 31 GPU die. This would offer a total of 48 WGPs (Work Group Processors), 96 CUs (Compute Units), and 6144 cores. Additionally, there could be 6 MCDs (Memory Controller Dies), each featuring 16 MB of Infinity Cache, resulting in a total of 96 MB of Infinity Cache across a 384-bit wide bus interface.

This powerful GPU configuration has the potential to deliver exceptional performance in professional workloads, making the Radeon Pro W7900 a highly anticipated graphics card.

Specification AMD Radeon Pro W7900
GPU Architecture RDNA 3
GPU Navi 31
VRAM Capacity Up to 48 GB
WGPs (Work Group Processors) 48
CUs (Compute Units) 96
Cores 6144
MCDs (Memory Controller Dies) 6
Infinity Cache per Die 16 MB
Total Infinity Cache 96 MB
Memory Bus Width 384-bit
Expected Performance Comparable to NVIDIA RTX 6000 Ada
Pricing Competitive

Benchmark Comparison and Potential Value Advantage

When comparing the Radeon Pro W7900 to NVIDIA’s RTX 6000 Ada in benchmark tests, the NVIDIA option currently holds a slight performance advantage of around 11% in terms of GPU score. However, it’s important to note that these scores can change as more mature drivers are released for the Radeon Pro W7000 series.

AMD Radeon Pro W7900

Credit: WCCFTech

Additionally, AMD has a reputation for offering its Pro lineup competitively, which could offset any performance differences. This means that even with a slight performance disadvantage, the Radeon Pro W7900 could still offer excellent value for professionals and content creators.


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