AMD RTG Project Canis Flagship Leaked: An Intel & AMD Desktop GPU Joint Venture

by Muhammad Irfan Raza
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Canis Majoris is a second largest star in whole Universe, and it is 4,892 light years away from earth. Intel and AMD’s joint venture is named after it as Project Canis. The joint venture is aimed to unify Intel’s outstanding fabrication facilities and RTG’s graphics ambitions. If we want to say it simpler we can say RTG will be designing GPU and Intel will be fabricating it.

Radeon’s new flagship Radeon RX Canis to be manufactured by Intel foundries will be supporting 10,240 SP and 4 TB/s HBM4

According to WCCF JV documentation was personally carried to Intel HQ by Raja Koduri and represents the start of the flourishing venture. AMD’s RTG division has always been quite good at the designing part of the chip process, and with Intel’s foundries in the equation (which are hands down the best on the planet I might add) this is going to disrupt the entire graphics industry utterly.

Update: We also found the draft teaser trailer for the upcoming GPU:


Let’s find the more specifications of GPU. The graphics card will be manufactured on Intel 10nm++ process and will consist of 2 dies of 400mm2 each connected by a brand new TSV based interconnect. Each die will bouse 80 CUs with 64 SP each for a total of 10,240 stream processors on the board. Remember that How AMD used Infinity Fabric to connect different Zen dies in Threadripper?

Early reports indicate that the chip can boost as high as 2.4GHz which is more than impressive for a GPU.

Process10nm ++ (Intel)
ArchitectureCanis 10
Stream Processors10240
Core Clock (Boost)1800 MHz (2441 MHz)
Memory32GB HBM4
Bandwidth4 TB/s
Peak Performance50 TFLOPs
Die Size400mm2 (x2)
InterconnectUnknown (TSV based)
Feature LevelDirect3D 12_2
Power Connectors3x 8-pin
Expected MSRP$999
Launch2H 2018

The card will be rocking HBM4 memory, which is a newer and cheaper variant of HBM3. The JEDEC standard will be produced by Micron and Samsung in collaboration with Intel and the JV expects no memory bottlenecks like before. The total bandwidth available on the card is a massive 4 TB/s which should be more than enough for even the most strenuous graphics requirements.

Press has already been briefed and under NDA; reportedly told to deny the project exists if asked

WCCF also reported, “We have been told that the top-secret GPU has already taped out and will enter volume production by next month. The Intel-AMD joint venture expects it to hit the shelves by the holiday season in 2H 2018. This joint venture folk are apparently the real reason Raja Koduri joined Intel – to usher in a new era of graphics technology. I have to say, however, that all of this wouldn’t have been possible without GloFo bowing out of the Wafer Supply Agreement a few years early – and something tells me, their consent must have come at quite the price. Stay tuned for more info!

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