AMD Ryzen 8000 “Strix Point” GFX1150 and GFX1151 APUs: What We Know So Far

by Adeel Younas
AMD Ryzen 8000 GPU

The upcoming AMD Ryzen 8000 “Strix Point” GFX1150 and GFX1151 APUs have been discovered in AMD’s open-source code. While the codename GFX1150 has appeared before online, the GFX1151 variant is a new development. These APUs, part of AMD’s Strix series. These may bring significant advancements and improvements to the company’s lineup.

The Strix series, comprising the Strix Point and Strix Halo APUs is powerful series. While details remain private, recent references in AMD’s open-source code have given us a glimpse of what we can expect from these eagerly awaited processors.

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The rumored specifications for the Strix Point APU suggest that it will house an impressive 12 cores. Designed to cater to the mainstream mobile segment, it is projected to operate within a thermal design power range of up to 54W.

On the other hand, the Strix Halo, also known as Starlak, is expected to boast a staggering 16 cores and may require a 120W power range. These differences in core count and power range indicate that the Strix Point and Strix Halo APUs will serve different product tiers, catering to a wide range of consumer needs.

Details Phoenix Point Strix Point Strix Halo/Starlak
Launch Date 2023 2024 2024
AMD Ryzen Series Ryzen 7X40 Ryzen 8X5X Ryzen 8X5X
CPU Cores 8C (8× Zen4) 12C (4× Zen5 + 8× Zen5c)
12C (8× Zen5 + 4× Zen5c)
16C (8× Zen5 + 8× Zen5c)
16C (16× Zen5)
GPU Cores 12CU RDNA3 16CU RDNA3.5 40CU RDNA3.5
Memory Support DDR5-5600
Ryzen AI Core 10 TOPS ~20 TOPS ~40 TOPS
Default TDP 35-54W ~28-54W ~55-120W

Speculation About AMD Ryzen 8000

The identities of the GFX1150 and GFX1151 IDs found in the open-source code have not received official confirmation. However, it is highly likely that these references correspond to the upcoming Strix Point and Strix Halo APUs. The detailed information about these processors remains limited, even on the LLVM website.


With the Strix series starting to emerge, it aligns with AMD’s traditional release schedule for APUs. It is likely that these new APUs will debut alongside the launch of the Ryzen 8000 mobile series next year. Lack of concrete details has fueled online rumors, including speculation about Zen5 and Zen5c/dense core configuration.

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Upgraded Architecture in AMD Ryzen 8000

AMD’s Ryzen 8000 APU series confirms an upgraded version of the RDNA3 architecture. “Navi 3.5” will pair with Zen5 APUs, promising enhanced graphics performance.

With high core counts, the Strix Point and Strix Halo APUs aim to revolutionize mobile computing. These processors deliver top-tier performance, power efficiency, and transformative capabilities.

The Ryzen 8000 APUs have the potential to set new standards in power, efficiency, and performance, shaping the future of mobile computing.

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