AMD Ryzen CPUs Outsold Intel Core CPUs For Three Straight Quarters


AMD Global and Intel have just shared the sales stats for AMD Ryzen and Intel Core CPUs. And, it seems that both the companies have been getting maximum market share and also stood at the top spot for consecutive three quarters at Germany’s largest retailer, MindFactory.

But, if we compare the current progress with previous reports of the same retailer, you would notice that AMD stayed at top of revenue share as well as the market.

It is recorded that AMD Ryzen CPUs have just outperformed Intel Core CPUs. The reason behind the major decline in sales of Intel Core CPUs is just because of the restricted production of 14nm processors.

Due to which, the company just loosened its ability to produce 8th and 9th generation processors. All this result in less availability of Intel CPUs and an unexpected price hike as well.

Market share report

According to reports post above, in 2019, AMD has earned 69% of market share whereas Intel made CPUs managed to earn 31% market share.

At the German retailer, AMD has sold nearly 13,000 CPUs and Intel has managed to trade approximately 6000 units, which is twice less than that of AMD.

Market share report

The above-mentioned report is featuring AMD Ryzen 7 2700X and Intel Core i9-9900K. And in this report, AMD’s Ryzen dominates the market. The main reason is that the cost of Inet Core i9-99000K is twice than that of AMD Ryzen.

According to AMD, Ryzen 5 2600 (non-X) with 6 core and 12 thread has played an important role in revenue generation. However, Intel proclaimed that Core i9-9900K flagship was very popular.

However, if we analyze the revenue report, we can notice that AMD processors earned 54% revenue while 46% revenue earned by Intel.

So far, the main reason behind Intel’s low sales number is that its processors are more expensive than AMD.

Since Q4 2014, AMD market shares are increasing steadily and reached 15.8%. This is just because of quality products offered by the company and now in 2019, AMD is planning to reveal the updated third gen Ryzen Family.


According to reports, the shortage of Intel CPUs will remain till the end of 2019. If the company continues development of 14nm server chips and ignores consumer parts production, then Intel will be facing more decline in the sales chart.

Unless until the company fixes up production issues for its forthcoming Comet Lake family.