Android 13 Beta 1 Finally Arrives: Check Out These Exciting Changes

by Adeel Younas
Android 13 Beta 1 Finally Arrives: Check Out These Exciting Changes Image Name

The first beta of Android 13 was announced this week, and it comes with a few small but important changes. One of the most noticeable is a new dark mode that’s designed to be more battery-friendly. The update also includes a revamped permissions system that makes it easier to see which apps have access to which data. There are also some minor changes to the user interface and a few new features for developers. Let’s take a look at the latest changes in Android 13.

Overall, it’s not a huge update, but it should make using Android a bit more pleasant for users and developers alike.

One of the key reasons Android 13 is closer than ever is because it isn’t that much of a leap from Android 12. Even though Android 12 was a significant shift from Android 11, the first beta of the new version of the operating system does not have many new features.

It’s also possible that Google is concealing some features from Android 13 Beta 1, which would explain why there aren’t many new ones. This is especially true given that Google I/O will be held on May 11th, and the firm will almost surely introduce a slew of brand new features at the event.

We’ll now look at the new features in Android 13 and how they differ from prior versions.

Android 13 Beta 1 Finally Arrives: Check Out These Exciting ChangesAndroid-13-Beta-1

What’s New in Android 13? Check Out These Beta 1 Features!

This time around, Google has included three new features to Android 13, two of which will benefit developers and one of which will help users and improve their experience.

  • The first change is that media permissions have been tweaked. With Android 12 and earlier, an app is required to request permission to access media files stored on a device’s internal storage. However, if the authorization is granted, it will be given access to all media, not just the requested media. The user will have more control over what types of media files they grant permission to with Android 13, which is a nice change. As a result, pictures, videos, and audio files now have different licenses.
  • Error reporting is another new function that will be added in the future. Several Android apps use KeyStore and KeyMint to generate keys. Failure to create keys correctly can be difficult to comprehend. The more detailed error reporting in the Android 13 beta will make it easier to create a key.
  • Finally, a new API is available to help programs route audio properly. This information will be important to app developers in assessing whether or not an app’s audio stream can be played directly from the source. This will also help the apps determine the best audio format to use.

These are the only features that have arrived on Android 13 Beta 1. We will keep you updated when additional information becomes available.

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