Android apps can find nearby devices even when they’re offline


As most of the users around the world might wish that their smartphone’s app automatically trace a nearby device.

After previewing it at I/O back in May 2017, Google has developed a second generation of its Nearby Connections toolkit which is widely available to Android Developers.

The uploaded structure utilizes both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth to trace nearby devices, make a connection to them and then perform tasks even if you are having no Internet.

According to Google, your phone might be able to consolidate contacts whenever you are near to your spouse.

This toolkit carries both mesh networks, where devices from a separate network on locality along with the devices on a centralized connection where one device rules the roost.

Therefore, it is very helpful in classrooms and meetings, where you do not want any of the device to take priority.

However, this new Nearby Connection will require some time to make its way to the applications that are widely used but there few companies who have taken benefit of this feature.

The Weather Channel is establishing a mesh network in different areas, having a poor network for sending weather warnings, Hotstar is providing offline media sharing and GameInsight will help you to track down people and play with them offline.

For sure, Google will have its own Android TV remote app, which will consist of Nearby Connections to get you started and turn on second screen experiences at the same time you are watching TV shows.

This feature may become an important aspect in the Android applications if more Android Developers like this idea.