Android Q To Get This Most Wanted iPhone Feature

Android Q

Previously, Samsung has planned to discontinue the screens that have the ability to detect touch pressure on the Galaxy S10.

Now, the search engine giants, Google has been planning in introducing such screens to Andriod.

According to reports, Google is planning to use these screens for Android Q and the company is still testing it.

The company released a document about Android Q, explaining the operating systems’ response with user interaction.

Either it is ” Deep Press” or it is simple touch with mouse and stylus. According to the document:

“The current event stream represents the user by pressing the screen more forcefully and intentionally. This sort of rating should be used to accelerate the behavior of pressing for a long time,”

Such interaction suits best with 3D Touch of iPhones. Apple has been quite successful in delivering devices that can detect exerted pressure and providing the best experience of use.

If we look at the iPhone, the device should be compatible with technology, but we do not know Whether Google will use a similar method or it just launches upside-down cards for detecting pressure.

Samsung has added a pressure-sensitive area especially on the Samsung S8 and continues this feature on S0 as well.

But, the company discontinues this feature in the latest Galaxy S10. No other smartphone manufacturer including LG, Motorola, and Sony haven’t introduced this feature in their phones including flagship models.