Apex Legends Runs Best on Xbox One and Game Hits 10m Players in 3 Days

Apex Legend

A Game named as Apex Legends was announced by EA and Respawn Entertainment and the reaction it received from gamers worldwide is impressive. Overall users have a positive reaction towards the battle royal game. Well, the pixel counters over at Digital Foundry have taken the game for a spin on all the available consoles, and the results are pretty good, particularly you’re the type that values performance over resolution.

Apex Legends Hits 10 Million Player in Just 3 Days

Well, we’ll start the analysis of Apex Legend with kind of bad news; if you have a console and want to play Apex Legend at a native 4K resolution you will be disappointed. The resolution of the game is highly adaptive with Xbox One X and PS4 Pro running game between 1080p and 1440p resolution. The PS4 resolution ranges between 720p and 1080p base resolution while Xbox One S have support for 648p to 720p.

In terms of performance (an in games it is measured as fps/resolution) Apex Legend provides 60fps on consoles. Frame Per Second may drop on PS4 Pro and Xbox One X to 50fps and that happens occasionally. Overall base PS4 Apex Legend frame rate drop minimum to 50fps, not below that. When it comes to Xbox One S the frame rate drop to 40fps that is 10fps more compared to PS4.

Regardless of its technical issues, it seems Apex Legends is a massive hit. According to Respawn founder Vince Zampella, the game hit the 10 million player mark after only 72 hours.

The success of Apex Legends is certainly good news for EA – the big stock drop they suffered after reporting disappointing Battlefield V sales has been completely erased. EA’s stock is now higher than it was at the beginning of this week because or Apex Legend, well few peoples are saying Respawn does what DICE don’t.

Apex Legends is available now on PC, Xbox One, and PS4 to download and play. Have you tried the game yet? if you are battle royal fan what are you waiting for?