App Store’s Best Apps and Games of 2019: Official report

by Adeel Younas
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Apple in press release shown its App Store’s Best of the Year 2019 covering the best products for all categories including Mac, iPhone, iPad, and Apple TV. Apple release list best performing and innovative idea’s on App Store and feature them in their article. So let’s start with the list of best apps and games that are featured on their list of this years. If you are a steam user looking to a solution to can’t hear people in discord problem We got you cover.

App Store Best Apps of 2019

iPhone: Spectre Camera (Lux Optics)

This AI-powered app leverages a dizzying amount of tech to let anyone take stunning long-exposure photos.

Apple Best of 2019 Spectre Camera

iPad: Flow by Moleskine (Moleskine)

Draw and sketch in this elegant digital notebook app, whose graphite pencils, chisel-tipped markers, and more have been meticulously tuned to mimic the real thing.


Mac: Affinity Publisher (Serif Labs)

With its rich user experience and remarkably reasonable price point, Affinity Publisher makes pro-level design accessible to everyone, whether you’re creating a photo-rich coffee table book or a flyer for your second grader’s play.


Apple TV: The Explorers (The Explorers Network)

This groundbreaking app was designed to support the community of explorers, scientists, and artists working toward a common goal: To create a comprehensive “visual inventory” of the natural world through photo and video.


App Store Best Games of 2019

iPhone: “Sky: Children of the Light” (thatgamecompany)

Fly across sweeping landscapes to help celestial beings find their way back to the heavens in this groundbreaking social quest.


iPad: “Hyper Light Drifter” (Abylight S.L.)

A dazzling, action-packed reimagining of classic 16-bit adventure games, “Hyper Light Drifter” blends dreamlike exploration with fight-for-your-life survival.


Mac: “GRIS” (Devolver / Nomada Studio)

This spectacularly satisfying puzzle-platformer is a soul-stirring work of digital art — one that explores hope, grief, and the triumph of piecing a life back together after a tragic loss.


Apple TV: “Wonder Boy: The Dragon’s Trap” (DotEmu)

Developed by Lizardcube with the cooperation of series creator Ryuichi Nishizawa, “Wonder Boy” — the beloved game from the ’80s, in which alone half-lizard adventurer sets off on the challenge of a lifetime — gets a reboot with hand-drawn animation and a re-orchestrated soundtrack.


Arcade Game: “Sayonara Wild Hearts” (Simogo)

In 2019, Apple expanded the App Store with the introduction of an all-new tab for Apple Arcade, a groundbreaking game subscription service without ads or in-app purchases. While every one of the 100+ games in Apple Arcade offers gamers something unique, there is one game that stands out even within this collection of outstanding titles, making it the Apple Arcade Game of the Year. “Sayonara Wild Hearts,” developed by Simogo and published by Annapurna Interactive, is a hopeful, gorgeous, and unique game — the kind that gets your adrenaline pumping and makes your spirit soar. Prepare to race motorcycles, wield swords, and break hearts at 200 mph.


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