Apple confirms new Mac Pro will be arriving in 2019

by Muhammad Irfan Raza
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Mac Pro 2019 Design

Recent year Apple held a small meeting in the response of growing complaints with Mac lineup, especially the Pro line- now five years old, thoroughly outdated.

Mac Pro is coming in 2019

The meeting was to confirm that it is working on a new Mac Pro. A year after, Apple held another meeting where it repeated its commitment to the Pro segment and confirmed that the new Mac Pro would be coming in 2019. Apple also explains its development phase of Pro lineup.

The company also clarified that different experts had hired from various professions such a visual effect, 3D animation and Music production for a Pro Workflow team.


Apple works with these professionals and creates real projects. During this, the company learns the weak points these people have, and together they solve these.

Apple is using its own set of software, as well as third-party software for the better experience of Pro users. The 2013 Mac Pro was genius engineering until users and company realized that the machine was trapped as it is and design wouldn’t allow improvements. Apple didn’t say much about Mac Pro, but due to this reason five years later, the only change was product drop.

In the Old days, Mac Pro used to be almost like PC- modular, and a lot of people want Apple to go back.


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