Apple is reportedly launching low-cost iPads for schools

by Muhammad Irfan Raza
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Apple 3

According to the reports, Apple has planned to introduce a new low-cost iPad model for students as well as for educators in next week.

It is also reported that the company is also planning to introduce an educational MacBook model and we donot know when it will be in markets.

We do not know anything about the new iPads features, specs and price as well. We can expect that it will have the ability to compete in the current market.


According to reports, the company has been taking these steps to make a comeback in the market that is being dominated by the low-cost PCs and Chromebooks.

For example, the Cheapest iPad available in the market will cost you almost $329 featuring a 32GB of storage, however, most of PCs and Chromebooks will cost you less than $200.

Previously, the company used to dominate the educational market and now almost 60% of the market is dominated byGoogle’s Chromebook, 22% by PCs and 20% by Macs and other devices. Right now, the market is worth $17.7 billion globally.

Well, if these rumors are correct then we will be having more news about the device and educational plans of Google on March 27th.


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