Here’s everything Apple is rumored to be launching in 2017

As apple is rumored to be launching in 2017 … .The Californian technology giant almost never speaks about upcoming products before they’re officially announced. Journalists who ask about rumors and reports might get told “no comment” — if they’re lucky enough to get a response at all.

But for all its mystery, it can’t stem every leak. Reports and speculation inevitably swirl in the run-up to rumored launches, while many of its products are released on a regular annual schedule.

Almost five months of 2017 has passed, but there are still some pretty giant launches evolved from Apple including 10th-anniversary iPhone

and the first new major hardware product Apple has unveiled in years.

Here they all are…

apple is rumored to be launching in 2017: A Siri smart speaker

Apple has only unveiled one major new hardware product since Tim Cook become CEO back in 2011: The Apple Watch. But that may finally be about to change.

The Cupertino technology giant is rumored to be developing a smart speaker with its AI assistant Siri built-in. Right now, smart speakers and virtual assistants are all the rage in tech. Amazon has the Echo, while Google has Google Home.

It is reported to come with a screen, may emphasize sound quality, and could even have facial recognition built-in.

Reliable Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo reckons it could be announced in June, at Apple’s WWDC developers’ conference, and start selling in the second half of 2017. He believes it will be a premium product — going for more than the Amazon Echo.

apple is rumored to be launching in 2017: iPhone 8

This is the big one.

2017 marks ten years since the launch of the first iPhone, and Apple is believed to have big plans to mark the occasion.

The iPhone 8 is expected to come with an almost edge-to-edge screen without a physical home button, a juiced up camera with some augmented reality functionality, and a glossy iPhone 4-esque glass back, among other features. But it won’t come cheap — rumors suggest it’ll be $1,000-plus.

It could be difficult to get your hands on: There have been multiple reports that due to manufacturing difficulties, its commercial release might be delayed for months from the traditional September iPhone launch. And even when it does hit stores, it may still be hard to find.

But that’s not the only iPhone launch to come.

apple is rumored to be launching in 2017: The iPhone 7s and 7s Plus

Alongside the iPhone 8, it looks like there will be an iPhone 7s too. It’d be an incremental update on 2016’s iPhone 7, much like has been released in previous years.

It’s less exciting, but it will be cheaper than the iPhone 8, and should launch as normal following a September announcement event.

apple is rumored to be launching in 2017: An improved MacBook Pro

In 2016, Apple unveiled a revamped MacBook Pro that replaced the laptop’s function keys with a “touch bar” touchscreen. An updated version with better specs is expected to be revealed in June, at Apple WWDC developer conference.

apple is rumored to be launching in 2017: A juiced-up MacBook

Similarly, according to Bloomberg, Apple is going to announce a new MacBook at WWDC, with more of a focus on performance instead of battery life.

Even the MacBook Air might get a boost

One more: Bloomberg is also reporting that Apple has “considered” releasing an updated version of the MacBook Air, despite the ageing nature of the laptop. But this one isn’t certain.

A new iMac

In April, Apple announced that there are new iMacs coming later in 2017 geared towards pro users. There’s no word on specifications yet, or a specific launch date, just that they’re coming “this year.”

A third generation Apple Watch

Apple launched the first Apple Watch in April 2015, following it up 18 months later in September 2016. There have been reports that Apple plans to release the third in Autumn of 2017 — which would settle the new-ish product into a more regular 12-month release cycle.

apple is rumored to be launching in 2017: A 4K Apple TV

Apple is reportedly working on a refresh for Apple TV, its television top box, with 4K ultra-HD capabilities. It may release this year, but it’s not clear when yet.

Some notes:

In April, Apple did something highly unusual. It invited a select group of journalists to its headquarters to discuss an unannounced product — the next Mac Pro. The company has long-neglected its professional workstation line, but it promised that something new and exciting is coming. But not until 2018.

— This doesn’t include any products released under Beats, the headphone brand that Apple acquired for $3 billion in 2014.

— Apple CEO Tim Cook has been spotted wearing a prototype glucose tracker around Apple’s campus and has discussed it with students, according to a report from CNBC. Apple’s increasingly interested in the health tech space, but there’s no word yet on when any commercial version might launch.

— The Mac Mini, Apple’s lower end desktop computer, is long overdue for an update — the last release was in October 2014, according to MacRumors’ analysis. That said, there’s little in the way of hard evidence that a new one is coming in 2017. “The Mac Mini is an important product in our lineup and we weren’t bringing it up because it’s more of a mix of the consumer with some pro use,” exec Phil Schiller said earlier this year. “The Mac Mini remains a product in our lineup, but nothing more to say about it today.”

— This list also does not include any new apps or software updates Apple may push out this year.