Apple is testing a new web interface for Podcasts



It is reported that Apple is going to make some changes in its Apple Podcasts web interface.

In 2017, the company last updated its web interface quite similar to that of iTunes, which was a simple list of titles, episodes, and descriptions. The previous design does not include episodes details and no show notes as well.

The fresh seems more beautiful and informative, as it contains dedicated pages and descriptions for every podcast video displayed on it. Moreover, the best thing is that Apple has introduced web playback as well.

It is very easy to control, all you need to do is to press the “play” icon. One more thing to be noted that iTunes will not be automatically streamed.

The company has also launched a dedicated URL “”, previously, the company named it as “”.

According to reports, Apple is also planning to introduce a Mac app for its dedicated podcasts.

It seems that the company is advancing towards providing the best listening experience to its users. Although, some users have reported that they are still encountering same old web interface.

Which shows that Apple has been testing this new web interface and has provided access to fewer users only.


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