Apple raises iOS cellular download limit to 200MB


One of the best mobile phone manufacturers, Apple has limited iOS’ cellular download to only 150MB per app since September 2017.

]Therefore, the problem occurs when apps are larger than the above-mentioned limit. As time passes, the company has increased the limit up to 200 MB.

And, it seems much reasonable. Apparently, you should be able to download larger apps. The compression and omissions of assets now let you download larger apps.

Possibly, users will love to have it. Because it is very helpful in many cases such as when you do not have Wi-Fi access and you require an app.

And, still, it is reasonable for numerous users. Obviously, it is not really hard to discover apps for social networking and productivity that consumes more space than the official limit.

Probably, you are unaware of the games that use to consume data in gigabytes. As of now, we can not do anything to override this cap.

Apparently, you will need a Wi-Fi connection to download the larger apps even if you own an unlimited data plan.

There are a lot of reasons behind this thing, one is that carriers do not want their customers to soak out their networks.

The other one is that the quick download of a particular larger app kills your excitement.