Apple Redesigned 13-inch MacBook Pro Magic Keyboard & latest CPU Added

by Adeel Younas
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On May 4, Apple remodeled the high-performance notebook PC “MacBook Pro 13-inch model”. The keyboard is replaced with the same Magic Keyboard as MacBook Pro 16 inch model and MacBook Air to reduce the stress of character input. CPU is also updated to the latest 10th generation Core processor. 32GB of memory (up to 16GB in the past) and up to 4TB of SSD (up to 2TB in the past) can be installed in New Macbook Pro 13-inch.

The price was motivated, with the lowest-priced model starting in US at $ 1299. We are looking forward to test the new Macbook as soon as possible.

The main features of the new MacBook Pro are as follows

  • Maintained 13-inch screen size
  • Adopted Magic Keyboard with 1mm depth of keystroke, cursor key is reverse T-shaped arrangement, independent Esc key is installed, Touch Bar is inherited (same as MacBook Pro 16 inch model)
  • 10th Generation Core Processor Now Available in Customized Models
    Up to 32GB of memory (up to 16GB in the past) and up to 4TB in SSD (up to 2TB in the past) can be installed.
  • Prices start at $1249 and $1149 (excluding tax) for academic models.

In terms of performance, Intel’s latest CPU, the 10th generation Core processor, is now available as a customized model. You can select up to 2.3GHz Core i7 (4.1GHz at turbo boost).

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