Apple reportedly buys an AI-based face recognition startup

According to the rumors, Apple is planning to introduce Facial recognition into its smarphone for sign-ins which might have some advantage.

According to the report, the company has bought and Israeli startup named as RealFace which will develop deep learning-based faced authentication technology. The company is yet to confirm the reports.

The project is estimated at several million dollars. However, Cupertino is only interrested in the technology rather than pure resources.


It is important to have comments of the company about the rumors. Recently, RealFace has turn down its website after which nothing was left behind but server.

However, in the past, the company has also bought few other companies having Facial recognition tech. But, it is for the first time, the commpany focuses on buying the Facial recognition for authentication, which is new and even logical.

Although, if the company wants to ignore the fingerprint readers for password free iPhone logins, the company must have to introduce the Facial recognition feature in its smatphones. It seems that RealFace’s AI is more accurate, so it must not be so finicky.