Apple decides to change the material that they can use for making the MacBook Pro computers. The Cupertino company would be ready to select indium gallium zinc oxide (IGZO) displays before the end of 2017.

Sharp was the first company to make the production of LCD panels using technology back in 2012. Apple thinks that they used this material for making the originaliPad Air in November 2013. The company will use the IGZO in its laptops.

Sharp and Samsung deliver the IGZO displays to apple as soon as possible in the start of the year 2017, according to the news of Mac Rumors. The company will use silicon panel in its MacBook Pro.

IGZO panels need less power to display a picture so it is better for the competition. IGZO is a beer conducting electricity by the previous technology.

Appel will make the better plan for the MacBook Pro this year. The company will think about the better plan for making the MacBook Pro, IGZO display is the better attractive selling point.