Apple to Replace Mac Studio with Exciting New Mac Pro

by Jack Prosser

It looks like Apple’s tiny desktop computer, the Mac Studio, might not be on the market for much longer. Reports say that the Mac Studio will replace the Mac Pro, a more powerful desktop computer.

Mac Studio Discontinued: What Comes Next For Apple?

If this is true, it would make sense for Apple to stop making the Mac Studio and focus on the Mac Pro. Both products may have similar hardware, such as the M2 Ultra System on a Chip, according to rumors (SoC). The M2 Ultra is said to have a 24-core CPU and a 76-core GPU.

Apple to Replace Mac Studio with Exciting New Mac Pro
ProcessorM1 UltraM2 Ultra
CPU cores2024
GPU cores6476
Casing sizeCompactLarger

This would make it even faster at computing and graphics than the M1 Ultra in the current Mac Studio model. Also, the M2 Ultra can work with up to 192GB of unified RAM in the Mac Pro but only 128GB in the Mac Studio.

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LeaksApplePro said, “Getting replaced by the Mac Pro. The Studio was just a temporary solution for those who needed a very powerful Mac with an Apple Silicone chip that couldn’t wait for the Mac Pro to launch.”


People think the Mac Studio was only meant to fill a spot in Apple’s lineup until the Mac Pro was ready to come out. Apple may have spent a lot of money on research and development for the Mac Studio, but ultimately, they decided that the Mac Pro would be a better product in the long run.

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However, those who want to buy a computer from Apple have to deal with a problem. There are rumors that the Mac Pro will have a bigger case than the Mac Studio, but it will be smaller than the current model with Intel Xeon processors. This means that people who want to buy it won’t be able to choose a small chassis they can keep on their desks.

Even so, the M2 Ultra SoC at the head of the Mac Pro should make it a mighty machine. It’s not clear yet if the Mac Pro will replace the Mac Studio, but it looks like Apple’s plans for small desktop computers are uncertain.

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