Apple to unveil new iPad, iPhone SE 5G, more at March 8 event

by Sahrish Kanwal

Apple surprised everyone when it announced its plans just under a week before the “Peek Performance” event, which is expected to happen on March 8. While some of you are undoubtedly accurate about the new products that will be announced, you might be surprised to learn of some new entrants who might surprise you. Apple is expected to announce a number of new products at its March 8 event, including a new iPad, iPhone SE 5G, New Mac Mini, and also Macbook based on M2 chipset.

Apple will update the iPad Air 5, but it doesn’t expect a visual redesign.

As pointed out by Apple, the most recent iPad model isn’t quite eighteen months old, and the iPad Air 5 is very likely to receive updates with new features. For instance, both the new tablet will be powered by the same processor A15 Bionic running iPhone 13 series. Beyond the influence of that chip and 5G support that comes along with it, there will not be any significant differences between the current iPad Air 4 and the update.

Apple may retain the iPad Air 4’s Wi-Fi 6 support while reusing the side-mounted fingerprint reader present on the iPad mini 6. Overall, Apple could maintain the initial $599 price for the Wi-Fi-only iPad Air 4, discontinuing the current model.

The best value for your money will be the iPhone SE 5G:

Apple’s iPhone SE 5G will appeal to a large percentage of Android phone owners and will be a major draw for them to make a switch. Also known as an iPhone SE 3, like the iPad Air 5, we believe there will not be a design change coming either. The reports affirm that this model will include the same 4.7-inch IPS LCD screen as the 2020 iPhone SE so that the major changes will happen on the inside.

The most significant change from this year’s iPhone SE Is the A15 Bionic, which upgrades efficiency and performance compared to the A13 Bionic powering earlier version. Also, the iPhone SE 5G will be the most affordable version to get 5G capabilities and increase the potential to attract those desiring to sign up for Apple ecosystems without spending a lot.

The iPhone SE 5G, slated for launch later this month, is still expected to use a chassis based on the 2020 model, coupled with a brand-new chipset from Apple. Its small size will limit Apple from designing a bigger battery, giving a shorter running time of only a short time. Nonetheless, the product’s actual value will be based on experience, not exclusively the battery’s endurance.

An Entry-Level MacBook Pro With Hardware Upgrades

Those who still overlook the Touch Bar should brace themselves for entry-level MacBook Pro models from Apple because the event might announce something of a similar nature. Rather than starting with the 2021 MacBook Pro, which does not put the Touch Bar, Apple could re-use the shell of the M1 MacBook Pro and outfit it with the greater M2.

The M2 is reportedly a tad faster than the M1, will allegedly feature up to 10 GPU cores, and be 8 CPU cores. It appears to be slightly slower than the M1 Pro and M1 Max, though this entry-level MacBook is reasonably priced compared to the upgraded versions.

The Mac mini receives chipset upgrades, and perhaps a new design.

The recently launched M1 Pro and M1 Max chips will ideally suit the smaller Mac Mini Pro expected to be born on March 8, 2022. All Apple requires at this point is to replace the minor chip with a chip on the Mac mini’s current size. They may unveil a new hardware model with a thinner exterior and a magnetic charging port, though it will boast a slightly different model number. All that’s left is to report the size of the upcoming Mac mini and voilà!

Compared to the Mac mini M1, this alleged change-up is more amendable to owning, assuming you’re not a devoted notebook user. March 8 will probably be a day of competitor product launches, and the gadgets that we have on this list will cater to a broader audience thanks to their competitive prices.

Apple is expected to announce a number of new products at its March 8 event, including a new iPad, iPhone SE 5G, New Mac Mini, and also Macbook based on M2 chipset.

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