Apple’s Holiday movie about Simon the snowman shot on the iPhone 13 Pro

by Ijlala Maqbool
Apple's Holiday movie about Simon the snowman shot on the iPhone 13 Pro Image Name

Apple released a new “Saving Simon” video shot on iPhone 13 Pro series. This is directed by Oscar nominees Jason Reitman and his father, Ivan Reitman, and this new promotional movie is for everyone waiting for the holidays to arrive soon.
In this movie, Apple highlighted the camera features and quality of the new flagship iPhone models via its successful Shot on iPhone 13 Pro series. The latest iPhone 13 Pro camera system offers advanced features like cinematic mode for Hollywood style depth effects, ProRes video recording, sensor image stabilization. It also includes a LiDAR scanner, improved Wide, Ultra-Wide, and telephoto lenses to capture moments in suitable frames. And Reitmans has captured the essence of the holiday through iPhone 13 Pro lenses.
Previously, the Shot on iPhone 13 Pro series introduced the “Everyday Experiments” videos to teach viewers how to record “beautiful and cinematic shots,” just like in Hollywood movies using everyday objects by YouTubers Donghoon Jun. and James Thornton. And Apple recently shared “A Dozen Eggs” video by French director Michel Gondry which uses Gondry’s signature to invent a visual storytelling style by using the lens of the iPhone 13 Pro.

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