Apps that every modern gentleman should have on his phone

by Adeel Younas
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apps every every modern gentleman should have on his phone

Your phone is best friend these days you use it for everything like getting more knowledge, sharing things or entertainment.

But a smartphone can be used for useful purpose once you have proper tools. I’ve created lit of useful apps that every modern gentleman should have on his smartphone.

From Duolingo to how to cook everything in the event of a deadly snake bite, these apps will make any man’s life easier.


A modern gentleman is always learning, and that includes new languages.

A quick and easy way to do that is with Duolingo, which provides easy to follow lessons that anyone can complete in a spare minute or two. Fluency in one of Duolingo’s 10 languages is only a few taps away.

Duolingo is available for free on iOS and Android.

Pocket Cast

Download Pocket Cast app to download and learn many things that you can not learn over the internet. Peoples usually do Podcast and publish them on their kind of channels which you can subscribe to and later on listen to all of their Podcast in the app.


You don’t need a personal trainer — there’s an app for that. Just enter in your goals and what kind of workout you’d like to do, and a personalized plan will be created just for you. Then watch the videos of trainers doing the exercises, which are then easy to repeat.

Sworkit is available for free on iOS and Android.


If you’re a frequent flier, Flightaware is a lifesaver. It tells you everything about where your flight is if it’s delayed and why, gate numbers, where it’s coming from, and more. After all, when flying knowledge is power.

Flightaware is available for free on iOS and Android.

Weber’s Grill

With Weber’s Grill, you don’t need to actually be a grill master — but everyone will think you’re one. It tells you how to cook things, how long to cook things, and is chock full of grilling tips you never knew.

Weber’s Grill is available for free on iOS and Android.

SAS Survival Guide

It’s not every day you need to know how to treat a snake bite, but when it comes time for that knowledge to come in handy, you’re going to be glad you downloaded SAS Survival Guide. Based off a book by the same name written by a real British special forces trainer, it has everything you need to know when confronted with life-threatening situations.

SAS Survival Guide is available for $5.99 on iOS and Android.

How to Cook Everything

When How to Cook Everything promises that it will teach you how to cook everything, it really means it. Required for a man who is clueless in the kitchen but desires to not be.

How to Cook Everything is available for $10 on iOS.

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