Arid Agriculture University’s Website Hacked and Defaced Again

by Farhan Yousaf
Published: Last Updated on

Just four days earlier we received a report about Pir Mehr Ali Shah University of Arid Agriculture’s website being hacked and defaced by the unnamed hacking group.

Arid Agriculture University’s Website Hacked Again

The website was later restored. But today again the site is defaced by same hackers, but being defaced again shows that how focused university management is towards its security.

Defacers twice informed the administration about the weak security of the website. Well, I’ve seen University’s website is evidently not well designed and developed.

There’s no official statement from university’s management. According to a source, the website is not managed by university management itself they’ve hired a third party to manage their website.


Screenshot of Deface Page

Deface Message

Some notes: 1. Guys using SSL wont make ur site secure :’)

2. Weekly backup wont even make it secure :’)

3. SQL Injection is not the only way to Hack a site… ;)

4. Oye Chotuuu “MISS-managed” is written intentionally….. Don’t u dare to think we don’t knw

English… :P Hacked by: Th3_S!l3nt | F4t_c0w | b0zz0 | 5n!pp3r | #ack3r_mind | C!PH3R | w0rr!0r | Special Thanks to: DJ

The University of Arid Agriculture has its own CS and IT department, and it is reported that even after several requests by its CS department for managing their website the management didn’t accept it.

At the time of publishing this article, the website “” is still showing deface page.

We’ll update this article if we receive any response from university or hackers.

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Arid Agriculture University
Sohail Anwar January 27, 2018 - 11:59 pm

awesome article my friend, their website is really badly managed they should work on it.


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