ARM’s latest chip designs promise 60 percent faster AI on phones



It is not for the first time ARM is claiming about top quality PC performance. Back in 2018, the company has claimed something similar.

But, still, the company has numerous things to claim in 2019. It is reported that the company has released two new chip architectures.

The speed of Mali-G77 is 40 percent faster as compared to the G76. Moreover, there is almost a 60 percent increase in the speed of machine learning.

According to reports, the phones with such GPUs have the ability to control computer vision, device optimization, and numerous other similar tasks.

Moreover, the G77 has the ability to avoid battery consumption as it is approximately 30 percent more energy efficient and has the ability to utilize 40 percent less bandwidth.

The Cortex-A77 CPU design is quite similar to that of 7-nanometer A76 release last year.

According to reports, the new chip has the ability to transmit 20 percent faster instruction per clock without spoiling efficiency.

Moreover, it has almost 35 percent faster machine learning speed as compared to A55.

It is unclear that when these ARM designs will be there in shipping products from well-known brands like Samsung, Qualcomm, and other brands.

It is expected that numerous processors will be utilizing them in the near future. Therefore, there is no surprise factor if the performance boosts up rapidly from chip to chip. Hence, we can expect that the phones featuring A77 design will faster.

Zeeshan Akram

Zeeshan Akram

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