ASRock and MSI Motherboards Support 256GB RAM After DDR5 Update

by Jack Prosser

ASRock and MSI have unveiled their support for high-capacity 64GB DDR5 RAMs per DIMM slot, enabling a remarkable 256GB on four-slot motherboards, and 128GB on two-slot variants. Both now support 64GB DDR5 RAMs per DIMM slot, quadrupling maximum motherboard RAM capacity to 256GB on four-slot configurations.

Desktop PC Chips Support 256GB Memory

ASRock and MSI engage in a close competition, showcasing their capacity for higher memory. Notably, they focus on Kingston’s HyperX Fury DDR5 kits, featuring Micron’s state-of-the-art DDR5 chips. The numbers are striking: 256GB RAM on four-slot motherboards and an impressive 128GB on two-slot variants.

Pushing Motherboard Boundaries

MSI’s demo with the PRO X670-P WIFI motherboard was obscured by incomplete screenshots. In contrast, ASRock openly showcased the X670E-Taichi and Z790 Nova WiFi motherboards, fully endorsing high-capacity RAM sticks.

ASROCK X670E Taichi supports up to 256GB

The unveiling extended further, with ASRock’s presentation featuring the AMD Ryzen 7 8700G APU, underscoring the boards’ commitment to harnessing the latest APU capabilities.

MSI DDR5 Update

Tech Specs and Compatibility

Motherboard Maximum Capacity Supported Kits
MSI Pro X670-P WiFi Up to 256 GB Kingston HyperX Fury
ASROCK X670E Taichi Up to 256 GB Kingston HyperX Fury
ASROCK Z790 Nova Up to 256 GB Kingston HyperX Fury

ASROCK Z790 Nova WiFi supports up to 256 GB

Both MSI and ASRock shared their use of the Kingston Fury Renegade KF560C36-64 memory kits. Technologically, they are grounded in Micron’s 1-Beta node innovation. It is a technology for LPDDR5X mobile chips, enhancing performance, bit density, and efficiency.

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