Asus Is Preparing To Launch A ROG Gaming Smartphone In June

by Nabeel Ejaz
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Razer announced its gaming smartphone, Xiaomi announced its Black Shark and ZTE Nubia announced Red Magic, these gaming smartphones are suddenly trending, now its look like ASUS is a new rival in the gaming smartphone market. Asus is all set to launch its gaming smartphone under their ROG (Republic of Gamers) brand in June.

This information for now is just rumours because there is still no confirmation from ASUS, so we are waiting for the official announcement.

ASUS is well known for selling PC hardware over the past couple of years, they are trying to enter in the gaming smartphone market, so why wouldn’t a gaming smartphone be a successful.

These rumours are coming from inside source, so it all makes sense.

According to the source, of renown PC hardware manufacturers ASUS is preparing to launch its gaming-oriented smartphone during this year’s Computex in Taiwan, which is likely to be held on June 5 – June 9.

Source couldn’t confirm the main specification of the phone, but we can get idea from the recently launched gaming smartphones, it’s not hard to guess main hardware.

So, our past experience we can say that this gaming smartphone will surely be coming with Snapdragon 845 chip-set cause it’s the most powerful SoC available in the market. High refresh rate display somewhere in the realm 120 or even 144 Hz. of is also required for this kind of device and for smooth operations at least 8GB of RAM must be paired.

The price of the device will be crucial to its success. More raw power and game ready feature are the main focus of every gamer, games like PUBG mobile should be more frequent so this kind of device most people will consider.  ASUS’ experience in designing gaming hardware will surely come in handy here.

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