Audi e-tron’s optional side cameras will help maximize range

by Muhammad Irfan Raza
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Audi e-tron SUV

As you all know that Audi lists in those companies which can drag and maximize the range of their vehicles like Audi e-tron SUV.

The company has decided to offer an option of providing nix side mirrors with its electric e-tron SUV.

Preferably, the car can utilize its cameras for displaying images generated by them on OLED screens fixed between the instrument panel and the door.


Replacing the side mirrors with the camera will reduce the width of the car by just under 6 inches. It will also reduce the drag and wind noise as well.

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However, the “virtual exterior mirrors” are also helpful and versatile in some cases like they can be utilized during parking, turning and highway driving.

It is very critical for the company to make e-tron an aerodynamic vehicle if the company aims to reach the target range of 248.5 miles.

Moreover, the company has added adaptive air suspension, side air inlets to reduce resistance, and controllable cooling air inlet.

The carmaker has tried the measures combination for increasing the range by almost 22 miles.

But, it’s cameras are much attractive and appealing as compared to its side mirrors. In regions, where Audi has legal permission to offer cameras, can only be able to get camera installation offer.

As reported, the company will be introducing e-tron later this year, after which we can be able to check virtual mirrors.


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