Avast Cleanup Premium Review – Is it worth Spending? Find Out

by Adeel Younas
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Avast one of the biggest names when it comes to security software. The company makes antivirus, VPN software, anti-tracking tools, cloud tools and more for home and business. You all have used their free antivirus software but have you tried Avast Cleanup Premium?

Avast Cleanup Premium Review

Avast Premier cost $69.99 per year but now you think is it worth spending this much money on it. It is comprehensive and detailed Avast Cleanup Premium review, So let’s start with Interface.

Avast Cleanup Premium Interface:

The Interface is no more different than the free version. With its Bluish Grey background, left rail pop-up menu and purple highlighted current menu makes it little less messy. Four main categories are available in Avast Premier: Status, Protection, Privacy, and Performance.

avast cleanup premium review interface

Avast Cleanup Premium Data Shredder:

So what’s new? Avast Premium provides you three main additional features than Avast Internet Security: Data Shredder, Automatic Software Updater, and Webcam Shield. If you got some sensitive information in the file and you want to safely delete it so that no one else gets hands on it, this is where data shredder comes of Avast Premium Cleanup comes in. Data Shredder removes the sensitive files by immediately overwriting them so that they could not recover. It overwrites the file 26 times using Gutmann algorithm before deleting it this is the feature most of us want.

Avast Cleanup Premium Software Updater:

Now if we come to other features, Automatic Software Updater keeps your PC up to date. Outdated software is also a potential risk to your computer. With the obsolete version of the software, it is easy for hackers to get into your PC and do whatever they want. With Avast Automatic Software Updater you don’t have to search every site to update different software. It will enlist the software that needs to be updated. And you can easily update with one clickavast cleanup premium review interface


Avast Cleanup Premium Webcam Shield:

Keeping in view the latest privacy compromises of applications using a webcam, Avast Premier Protects its user with Webcam Shield. Avast Premier Webcam Shield prevents applications and malware of accessing webcam without your permission. This prevents the transfer of pictures and videos from untrusted applications. Other functions are same as of Avast Internet Security.

In Status tab, you will only find on quick scan button as of free version. However, the Protection tab consists of multiple options. With Antivirus option, you can scan your system for virus removal. There’s Rescue Disk option which puts a version of Avast Antivirus on a CD or USB stick to more effectively study and remove stubborn malware.

Further options in Protection tab includes Avast’s firewall settings, a Wi-Fi inspector, Real Site phishing protection, Ransomware Shield (which monitors specific folders for ransomware threats) and sandbox to wall off suspect files from the rest of your PC.

Privacy section includes a built-in password manager, Sensitive data shield along with data Shredder. This guard your files against malware.

Avast Cleanup Premium Cleanup:

The performance consists of two features: Cleanup and Game Mod. Cleanup scans your system for extra files, temporary folders, and caches that can clear. Once you are playing the game, Avast performance will sense that and it will force Avast and Windows to reduce its resource footprint.

With these new features, Avast Premier is something more than just an antivirus. But the pricing is very high. In $69.99 you only get to use it for one PC. But what if you have the whole household to protect? Yes, it will cost more. As per my conclusion, Avast Premier might be worth spending money but not this much.

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