Azur Lane Tier List Explained in Detail Updated December 2022

by Zeeshan Akram

Azur Lane is a popular mobile game that combines strategy, role-playing, and simulation. Ships, which are the game’s characters, can be collected and improved by players. In this article, we’ll give a detailed list of each ship’s strengths and weaknesses in the Azur Lane Tier List game. This list is based on our own experiences and opinions, as well as input from other players, and is accurate as of December 2022. We hope this list will help players decide which ships to use in their fleet.

To help you in making the best match, this azure lane tier list will surely help you. You must note that this tier list is forged based on stats, oil cost, crew cost, and power. Let’s get started!

Azure Lane Tier List Updated in 2022 December

This tier list is based on a comprehensive analysis of win rates, character ratings, and other relevant statistics from multiple sources. It includes all five tiers of characters, from S (the strongest) to D (the weakest), and provides detailed evaluations of each character’s strengths and weaknesses in battle. This information can help players build strategic teams and select the right heroes for different types of battles.

Azur Lane Tier List Explained in Detail Updated December 2022

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Azure Lane S Tier List:

S-tier ships in Azur Lane are considered to be some of the strongest and most versatile ships in the game. These ships excel in various situations and can be used effectively in both PvE and PvP gameplay. Some ships on the S Tier list include Odin, Ryuuhou, Tashkent, Georgia, and U-101.

S. No.Azur Lane ShipShip Type
2RyuuhouAircraft Carrier
6BremertonHeavy Cruiser
7MinneapolisHeavy Cruiser
8Warspite RetrofitBattleship
9BaltimoreHeavy Cruiser
10NeptuneLight Cruiser
11UnicornLight Aircraft Carrier
14EnterpriseAircraft Carrier
15SeattleLight Cruiser
16DrakeHeavy Cruiser
17Friedrich der GrosseBattleship
19AzumaLarge Cruiser
20San Diego RetrofitLight Cruiser
21EssexAircraft Carrier
24RoonHeavy Cruiser
25HelenaLight Cruiser
26FormidableAircraft Carrier
28CentaurLight Aircraft Carrier
30I-13Submarine Carrier
31AkashiRepair Ship

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Azure Lane A Tier List:

As mentioned earlier, the A tier in Azur Lane is the highest tier and consists of the strongest ship girls in the game. Some examples of A-tier ship girls in Azur Lane include:

  1. Alabama: a battleship with strong offensive abilities and excellent durability.
  2. Amagi: a battle cruiser with powerful long-range attacks and strong defenses.
  3. An Shan: a destroyer with versatile abilities and high speed.
  4. Bismarck: a battleship with devastating firepower and strong defenses.
  5. Bunker Hill: an aircraft carrier with a large air force and powerful support abilities.
  6. Chang Chun: a destroyer with high speed and agility, as well as strong offensive capabilities.
  7. Chapayev: a light cruiser with versatile abilities and strong support skills.
  8. Cheshire: a heavy cruiser with excellent stealth capabilities and powerful long-range attacks.
  9. Duke of York: a battleship with strong defenses and powerful artillery.
  10. Eldridge: a destroyer with high speed and agility, as well as strong offensive and defensive abilities.

These are just a few examples of the many shipgirls that are considered A tier in Azur Lane. As mentioned earlier, the effectiveness of a shipgirl in battle can vary depending on how well they are used and how they are integrated into the player’s overall fleet composition.

S. No.Azur Lane ShipShip Type
 2AmagiBattle Cruiser
 3An ShanDestroyer
 5Bunker HillAircraft Carrier
 6Chang ChuinDestroyer
 7ChapayevLight Cruiser
 8CheshireHeavy Cruiser
 9Duke of YorkBattleship
 11Graf ZeppelinAircraft Carrier
 13IllustriousAircraft Carrier
 14IntrepidAircraft Carrier
 15Jintsuu RetrofitLight Cruiser
 16King George VBattleship
18Laffey RetrofitDestroyer
 19Le MalinDestroyer
 20Le TriomphantDestroyer
 21Minato AquaSubmarine
 22MontpelierLight Cruiser
 23Ning Hai RetrofitLight Cruiser
 24NoshiroLight Cruiser
 25PerseusAircraft Carrier
 26Ping Hai RetrofitLight Cruiser
27Portland RetrofitHeavy Cruiser
 28Saint LouisHeavy Cruiser
 29Saratoga RetrofitAircraft Carrier
 31SwiftsureLight Cruiser
 34VestalRepair Ship
 36Yat-Sen RetrofitLight Cruiser
 37Z23 RetrofitDestroyer
 38ZaraHeavy Cruiser

Azure Lane B Tier List:

B Tier ships in Azur Lane are typically considered average regarding their overall stats and abilities. However, they can still be valuable assets in battle if used correctly. Some popular B Tier picks include Akagi, Javelin, Kaga, and Belfast. These ships are known for their strong damage output and good mobility, allowing them to take out opponents in battle quickly. While they may not have the same level of power and versatility as higher-tier ships, they can still be effective if used strategically.

S. No.Azur Lane ShipShip Type
 2Ardent RetrofitCarrier
 3Ark RoyalAircraft Barrier
 4AuroraLight Cruiser
 6Bel-chanLight Cruiser
 7BirminghamLight Cruiser
 8CasablancaAircraft Carrier
 11ClevelandLight Cruiser
 12ColumbiaLight Cruiser
 13DenverLight Cruiser
 14DidoLight Cruiser
 15Elegant KizunaHeavy Cruiser
 18HermioneLight Cruiser
 19HoodBattle Cruiser
 20Hyuuga RetrofitAviation Battleship
 22IbukiHeavy Cruiser
 23IbukiHeavy Cruiser
 25Jean BartBattleship
 26Jeanne D’ArcLight Cruiser
 27KagaAircraft Carrier
 28Little BelLight Cruiser
 30LondonHeavy Cruiser
 31Mogami RetrofitHeavy Cruiser
 33Nicholas RetrofitDestroyer
 34North CarolinaBattleship
 35Queen ElizabethBattleship
 36Ranger RetrofitCarrier
 39ShouhouLight Aircraft Carrier
 40Super Garner Kizune (collab)Battleship
 41TakaoHeavy Cruiser
 43Tokino SoraAircraft Carrier
 47YorkHeavy Cruiser
 50Z1 RetrofitDestroyer

Azure Lane C Tier List:

The ships in the C tier of the Azur Lane tier list consist primarily of battleships, carriers, light cruisers, destroyers, and heavy cruisers. Some of the most well-known ships in this tier include the battleships Massachusetts and Gangut, the carriers Lexington and Hornet, and the light cruiser Belfast. While these ships may be considered relatively weak compared to others in the game, they can still be formidable in the right hands and with the right strategy. With careful planning and effective use of their unique abilities, C-tier ships can hold their own against even the strongest opponents.

S. No.Azur Lane ShipShip Type
3Ise RetrofitBattleship
9YuubariLight Cruiser
14Kiyonami EventDestroyer
16Acasta RetrofitDestroyer
17Fortune RetrofitDestroyer
20Aniversarry Kizuna AICarrier
21Newcastle RetrofitLight Cruiser
25Little RenownBattleship
26AlgerieHeavy Cruiser
27BelfastLight Cruiser
28SheffieldLight Cruiser
29KinuLight Cruiser
30Hiryuu RetrofitAircraft Carrier
31WichitaHeavy Cruiser
33SiriusLight Cruiser
34Kizuna AlDestroyer
35Prinz EugenHeavy Cruiser
36Souryuu RetrofitAircraft Carrier
37VictoriousAircraft Carrier
38ShoukakuAircraft Carrier
40Kagerou RetrofitDestroyer
41Curlew RetrofitLight Cruiser
43Fu ShunDestroyer
44ZuikakuAircraft Carrier
46U-552 EventSubmarine
49Tai YuanDestroyer
50I-56 EventSubmarine
51RenoLight Cruiser
52Emile BertinLight Cruiser
53AjaxLight Cruiser
54AchillesLight Cruiser
55CleveladLight Cruiser
56Black HeartHeavy Cruiser
57AtagoHeavy Cruiser
58ChoukaiHeavy Cruiser
59MayaHeavy Cruiser
60Graf SpeeHeavy Cruiser
61DeutschlandHeavy Cruiser

Azur Lane D Tier List

Each ship has unique strengths and weaknesses, making it essential for players to create the best possible fleet. This article includes a comprehensive Azur Lane D Tier List, which ranks all the ships in the game from strongest to weakest.

At the top of this tier list is Akagi-chan, a Japanese carrier with impressive stats and abilities, making her one of the most potent units in Azur Lane. Following close behind is Akagi Aircraft Carrier, another Japanese unit whose strength comes from her ability to dodge enemy fire and inflict significant damage on opponents easily.

S. No.Azur Lane ShipShip Type
2AkagiAircraft Carrier
5BataanAircraft Carrier
6BiloxiLight Cruiser
7Black PrinceLight Cruiser
9BrooklynLight Cruiser
12ChicagoHeavy Cruiser
14Curacoa RetrofitLight Cruiser
17EagleAircraft Carrier
18ExeterHeavy Cruiser
20Fumiruiru (collab)Carrier
21FumiruiruAircraft Carrier
22Furutaka RetrofitHeavy Cruiser
24Green Heart (Collab)Carrier
26HonoluluLight Cruiser
28Independence (Event)Carrier
29IndianapolisHeavy Cruiser
30IsuzuLight Cruiser
31Kako RetrofitHeavy Cruiser
33KuonHeavy Cruiser
34L’Opiniatre EventDestroyer
35Le Temeraire EventDestroyer
36LeanderLight Cruiser
37LenaLight Cruiser
38Lil’SandyLight Cruiser
39little  Illustrious (event)Carrier
40Long IslandCarrier
47Nakiri AyameHeavy Cruiser
48Ookami Mio (collab)Carrier
49Pamiat MerkuriaLight Cruiser
50PhoenixLight Cruiser
51Prince of WalesBattleship
52Ryuujou (Event)Carrier
53Sendai RetrofitLight Cruiser
54Shangri-LaAircraft Carrier
56South DakotaBattleship
57St. LouisLight Cruiser
58SuzuyaHeavy Cruiser
59TaihouAircraft Carrier

I hope this Azur Lane Tier List provides useful information about each ship in the game and their relative strengths and weaknesses. Please let me know your thoughts on the game in the comments section below.

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