Best Budget Wireless Routers in 2020

by Murtaza Ahmed
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Most probably, you would be searching for a budget WiFi router to buy a new WiFi router that is bang for the buck and give you no compromise on downloading and uploading speeds.

Then, fortunately, you are in the right place.

Before heading forward to the list of best budget WiFi routers, let’s have a look at “what is a WiFi router?”.

What is a WiFi Router?

The router is like a bridge that connects a device to the internet. A WiFi or wireless router is a router that allows the user to connect wirelessly to a network or internet. Isn’t simple?

1) Best for Home Use: TL-WR840N ($20-25):


no1 router

Tp-link wr840n is a newly updated wifi router by tp-link with a simple modern design. It has essential features such as IPTV, which old models lack. It has a Good range due to its two antennas with an easy to use a quick setup that allows any none-technical person to set it up quickly. I also use this one; it provides an extended-range with no issues.

Reasons to buy:

  1. IPTV
  2. high range
  3. 4 LAN ports
  4. Parental Control
  5. Encryption
  6. Could be used for gaming
  7. 300Mbps wireless speed
  8. Excellent in its the price range

The right not to obtain:

  1. Will not provide speed more than 300mbps


2) Best for all Uses: TP-Link AC1200 Wireless Router($50)wifi router ac1200 image

This wifi router has the same specs and features like wr840n(our budget king) except that it has more range than wr840n due to its four antennas of 5dbi. The significant difference between archer ac1200 and wr840n is that ac 1200 provides wireless speeds up to 1200 Mbps which is four times of wr840n, but the reason that keeps this router on 2nd is that everyone does not most commonly use 1200mbps rate and due to the budget factor it is $10 more the price of wr840n. This could have been on the number 1, but it will exceed the budget factor.

Reasons to buy:

  1. High-speed internet connectivity option.
  2. Best for gaming/streaming purposes.
  3. Suitable for small office/public wifi spot use.
  4. Good design slimmer body, modern look than wr840n.

Reasons to not buy:

  1. Not the best one at $50, The third one is


3) Best Budget Router: MOTOROLA AC1700 Dual-Band($50)motorola router

The Motorola ac1750 is a beast for its the price that it has crazy six dual-band antenna that provides the most extended wireless coverage with up to five GHz response time and speeds up to 1667 Mbps. It comes with all of the features you need like encryption,easy-to-use mobile setup, parental control. Most Importantly, it has MU-MIMO technology, which can allow many devices to connect to this router without network slowing down. If you are buying a wifi router for a place where there are many devices to join, I would recommend this as the other top two may slow down.

Reasons to buy:

  1. 5Ghz frequency, which provides fast response while file transferring.
  2. Six antennas are providing a long-range with no dead spots.
  3. Will not slow down when there are many people connected.
  4. Provides Network Monitoring options.


Note: The reason to include the 2nd and 3rd wifi router of the same price tag is that they mostly get out of stock, so if one is not available, then you can grab the other.

You may found many wifi routers in the same price tag, but here I have chosen only the ones that provide the best value for the money.

Comment below, If you are using any of these and tell viewers about them.

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